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Spring 2017 Issue


A Note From Brian Kelly, Head of PNC Healthcare

We are excited to announce the launch of PNC Healthcare Matters. PNC Healthcare is committed to providing you with relevant information about key trends and events to help you find solutions to an increasing array of industry challenges as your needs and priorities are the driving force for everything we do.

Our intent with PNC Healthcare Matters is to provide you with relevant examples and key takeaways you won’t find anywhere else. We hope that this information will help you identify areas for improvement within your own sphere of influence and educate other members of your management team, your board, and clinical areas about how other successful organizations are managing through industry transformation. We welcome your feedback on the content of this newsletter. Please reach out and let me know what other topics you would find helpful as you are probably not alone in your concerns. We will do our best to address them in future issues!

Thank you for your interest in PNC Healthcare.


A new way to evaluate liability portfolio risk  

When it comes to managing liability portfolios in the healthcare industry, standard practice consists of evaluating finance alternatives based upon a comparison of cost of capital followed by an assessment of the risk of each product alternative.  Developed by PNC’s Capital Markets group, a new process starts with assessing risk in your healthcare system’s existing liability portfolio.

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7 trends that will drive the year in healthcare

Many healthcare systems have experienced weakness in financial performance that requires them to examine their current strategies, the adequacy of their information systems and the revenue and cost assumptions under which they were operating. This article shows how successful organizations are addressing these issues.

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Benchmarking cash posting automation

PNC’s 2016 survey of Healthcare Client Advisory Board members tracks trends in cash posting and associated cost reduction potential. Survey results can help you benchmark your own processes and point the way toward improvement.

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Mitigating pension risks in a volatile environment

Pension plan sponsors are faced with a volatile political landscape that presents significant opportunities and risks. The uncertainty facing the Affordable Care Act is just one of the issues that sponsors will face in 2017 and beyond. Do you have a legacy defined benefit plan, or are you looking at a potential merger where your liability needs to be considered?

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