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Maximize your payment controls and improve your days payable outstanding

PNC can help you move payments from paper to electronic processes, reduce disbursement cost and risk, tighten control over spending and payments, incorporate commercial cards within existing processes, simplify payment origination and streamline invoice processing.

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Claim Payments & Remittances (CPR)

Eliminate the administrative burden of managing multiple systems to support the  funding, distribution and reconciliation of your claim payments and remittances.  

PNC Healthcare’s Claim Payments & Remittances service (CPR) is a single solution for funding and disbursing all claim payments and remittances to your providers. You send us your payment file, and we will deliver payments by EFT, check or virtual credit card, via each provider’s preferred payment method, along with the associated remittances. Electronic adoption is accelerated based on our vast database of provider payment and remittance delivery preferences, which will help you reduce postage and printing costs associated with paper claims and remittances.

To simplify reconciliation, CPR also manages all associated payment exceptions, such as reissuing ACH return items as checks, handling notifications of change and reissuing lost checks, saving your team valuable time.  In addition, your staff can simplify their workflow with the support tools housed within CPR’s payer portal, where they can maintain control of your payment processing, easily reconcile your bank accounts, and access key information to assist with customer service inquiries and requests.

One final benefit of our unique approach is that we handle all 1099 reporting on your behalf.

To find out how CPR can help improve your operation, contact your Treasury Management Officer or complete the Contact Us section below.

Card Solutions

PNC Solutions can help improve management of spending, reduce back-office expenses, mitigate risk and boost bottom-line results. With industry-leading technology and comprehensive support, PNC offers a full array of commercial card solutions.

Accounts Payable

Incorporate cards as a settlement option within your existing accounts payables (AP) process with PNC’s ActivePay® solution. PNC can help you maximize payment controls, improve days payable outstanding (DPO), enhance transaction and data management, expand your card program and increase the financial benefits of card usage.

Multinational Card Programs

Easily and efficiently manage your global payments. Through our unique collaboration with Barclaycard, Europe’s leading Visa commercial card issuer, PNC offers an effective solution that supports traveling employees, controls expenses and integrates reporting of global purchasing -- across North America and 25 European countries. PNC’s Solutions can help enhance financial management and improve efficiencies at home and abroad.

Prepaid Card

Increase participation in electronic payroll, reduce payroll-related costs and provide for emergency disbursements. PNC’s prepaid cards can also provide incentives for employees and customers electronically. Our prepaid cards are secure, flexible and cost-effective for a variety of disbursement activities.

Purchasing and Travel in One Card

Combine procurement and travel functionality in a simplified, single-card solution. Leverage an easy and economical way to make your purchase order and expense reimbursement processes more efficient — all while effectively monitoring and managing individuals’ spending levels.

*PNC also offers an Executive card that includes robust benefits and exceptional features.

Fleet Card

Maintain full control and security over fuel and non-fuel purchases related to your vehicle fleet and customize your program at the individual card level. Our streamlined Fleet Card solution provides an effective and convenient payment process that responds to the changing dynamics of your business, which can help you increase payment efficiencies and reduce costs.

T&E Card

Pay for business travel-related expenses, simplify the employee reimbursement process while maintaining visibility and control. With PNC, you can re-engineer employee travel and entertainment (T&E) expense payments and reimbursements.  PNC can help improve expense management, relationships with preferred vendors and adherence to your organization’s travel policy — resulting in significant cost savings.

Canadian Card

PNC Bank Canada Branch offers a full suite of payment cards including Commercial, Corporate, Purchasing and Payables. Canadian cards can be issued to both Canada-based companies and Canadian subsidiaries. Cardholders are supported with both English- and French-language materials and customer service.

Purchasing Card

Streamline the procurement of goods and services by reducing the time and expenses associated with the traditional purchasing process — without costly investment, complicated implementations or reduced control over individual spending levels and budgets.

Check Issuance

Minimize idle balances and tighten account management with minimal administrative involvement

Check Print & Mail  

Reduce the need for manual operations, postage expense and the number of undeliverable items. PNC’s online check disbursement functionalities include stop payments, 7-year archive, Positive Pay and reconcilement reports. Integrated Payables is the central source for disbursing any type of payment type.

Electronic Payment Methods

Including ePayments and RTP®, The Clearing House’s real-time payments system incorporate fraud mitigation tools so PNC can help you send payments safely and securely.

Account Reconcilement & Fraud Protection

Protect against payment of unauthorized checks and mitigate fraud risk. PNC solutions complement your internal security measures and help you proactively fight fraud with account monitoring and controls. When items are presented for payment, our matching and validation process allows us to quickly identify checks that are inconsistent with the data provided.

Digitized images of exception items are provided online to enhance your pay/return decision-making. You can review suspicious items efficiently and make timely payment decisions.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Reduce manual processes and improve security

ACH Origination

Gain more predictable settlement and cash flow. PNC’s ACH origination services provide flexible options, along with expert staff, to assist with both the technical and practical aspects of using the ACH network. We can help reduce lost check and fraud expense.

Wire transfer

Send and receive funds for same-day settlement and timely delivery of transaction-related information. PNC offers a full range of high-speed, secure wire transfer solutions for organizations of all sizes. PNC can process your transactions in both U.S. dollar and foreign currency denominations.

Invoice Centralization & Automation

Streamline your AP process from procurement to payment

Removing paper invoices from your process while capturing critical data with OCR technology enables you to efficiently match invoices to purchase orders, automate invoice routing/approval and expedite dispute resolution.


Patient Refunds for Healthcare Providers

Enable fast, secure electronic payments to patients via Zelle[1]


Solutions for Healthcare Payers

Offer electronic payments, electronic remittance information and electronic enrollment to your network providers

Business to Consumer Payments

Improve your member experience and reduce cost by electronically delivering claim, wellness credit, refund, and/or Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) payments.

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