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PNC Healthcare serves companies with over $5 million annual revenue. If
your company’s revenue is under $5 million, our PNC Healthcare Business Banking team can be of service.

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Treasury Management Solutions

PNC can help accelerate cash flow and improve your automated cash posting rates and internal processes 

PNC Healthcare offers a fully integrated suite of tools, solutions and advisory services to help payers maximize working capital, streamline administrative processes, mitigate financial risk and access capital for investment and growth.

Healthcare Payables

When you pay a policyholder, a provider – or an invoice – you’re not just sending money out the door. You are taking on costs every step of the way. Every resource used in the payables process may increase Days Payables Outstanding (DPO) and require the attention of staff who might be better deployed elsewhere. Find out how PNC’s electronic payment, invoice automation, commercial card services and other payables solutions can help healthcare payers manage their bottom line. Explore our breadth of payables solutions »

Healthcare Receivables

Accelerate the collection of receivables from your policyholders with secure, efficient tools and services. You may also want to integrate a payment process within your existing web portal while avoiding a major financial investment or complex implementation.

Depository Services

Manage your funds more efficiently, especially when you need more than just the basics. PNC’s checking accounts can enable you to offset fees with checking account balances and earn interest on your account. We also offer zero balance accounts and deposit reconcilement services.

Print and Mail

Automate the collection of policyholder payments. PNC can print and mail premium notices or present them electronically for a round-trip receivables solution.



Streamline the payments process, get up-to-the-minute data on funds availability, and maximize your cash flow. Our retail and wholesale lockbox solutions can help you simplify your accounts receivable administration nationwide.

  • Member Premiums - Your members are looking for convenience in terms of the way that they pay you. At PNC, you can consolidate each form of payment from your customer base into a single accounts receivable file that fully reconciles to your bank
  • Recovery Payments - Collecting refund checks from providers is a challenging, manual process. PNC can help build a better workflow to handle both solicited and unsolicited provider refunds

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Simplify and consolidate electronic bill payments and collections with a secure way to present your bills online and allow your policyholders to make payments electronically. You need an efficient, streamlined process to collect incoming payments that have been initiated by your policyholders using different bill payment platforms or various financial institutions.

  • Enable your policy holders to securely view and pay their premiums online with your own, branded website
  • Automate the collection of policyholder payments with a single transmission, reducing the number of check and list remittances you receive

Information Reporting

Access your cash position, make payments and transfer money 24/7. PNC delivers a streamlined online banking experience through PINACLE®, PNC’s top-rated online and mobile banking portal. This digital banking application gives you access to your accounts easily, whenever you need it.  You can make payments and transfer money, anytime and anywhere, from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. With PINACLE’s robust security features, you can also confidently initiate and approve wire transfers wherever you are.


Consumer Driven Healthcare

Individuals can save and grow money on a tax-free basis with a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for eligible healthcare expenses.

2018 Greenwich Quality Leader Award

PNC received 2018 Greenwich Quality Leader Award for Cash Management Quality

$4+ Billion in Investments

Managed for 80+ national healthcare organizations


Capital Financing Solutions

Choose from a range of financing options to build your capabilities and support your growth objectives

Direct Purchase
Taxable and tax-exempt direct purchase financing for a variety of needs includes refundings, acquisitions, and capital project financing.

Equipment Finance
A variety of lease and loan solutions deliver financing for needs such as medical equipment, energy management and electronic medical record systems.

Bridge Loans
Interest-only interim financing is available for acquisitions, equipment purchases, expansion projects, and other corporate purposes until permanent financing is arranged.

Variable Rate Demand Bond/Commercial Paper Liquidity Facilities
Standby bond purchase agreements and letters of credit provide liquidity and credit enhancement in support of public debt issuances.

Revolving Credit Line
Revolving line of credit facilities support providers’ needs for working capital and general corporate purposes.

PNC-arranged syndication of banks streamlines execution on larger capital financing needs.


Get comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional financing. PNC offers a fully-integrated platform to deliver tools and solutions to help payers optimize capital structure, reduce overall cost of capital, mitigate financial risk and access capital for investment and growth. View our capital market solutions »



Institutional Asset Management Solutions

Make the right investment decisions

In the face of today’s growing financial complexities, the decisions you make impact your organization and its employees in ways that matter more than ever. That’s why PNC Institutional Asset Management combines large-scale resources with a personal commitment to make sure you’re ready for today, and tomorrow.


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PNC Healthcare serves companies with over $5 million annual revenue. Find how our experience in healthcare can serve your organization’s needs.

If your company’s revenue is under $5 million, our PNC Healthcare Business Banking team can be of service.

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