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Get Big Protection in a Tiny Chip

PNC offers 2 Chip Card options for commercial cards:

  • Chips and Signature cards require a signature to authenticate the cardholder for purchases much like cards with magnetic strips. 
  • Chip and PIN cards require a 4 digit number to authenticate each transaction. These cards provide an additional level of security and may increase acceptance for international travelers in countries which have adopted a preference for PIN transactions or that may have unattended kiosks.

Both types of chip card also have a magnetic stripe and can be used at non-chip-enabled terminals.


Chip Cards offer a number of benefits to your cardholders:

  • Stronger fraud protection:  Counterfeit fraud occurs when a duplicate card is created using data taken from the magnetic stripe of a genuine card. The data stored on the embedded chip in a chip card is encrypted and a unique decryption key is generated with each transaction.  It is nearly impossible to clone the chip on the card.
  • Increased acceptance:  Most countries outside the U.S. have already adopted chip technology.  Chip terminals at the point of sale are standard and many merchants require a chip card when processing purchases.  As the U.S. becomes chip capable, merchants may require chip cards for credit card transactions.


Using your PNC Chip Card is Easy

How to pay using a card reader

Step 1

Insert the chip end of your card into the terminal
with the chip facing up.

Step 2

Keep your card in the terminal and follow the prompts on screen. Cards equipped with PIN verification may be prompted for a PIN number.

Step 3

Remove your card when prompted and take your receipt. You may have to sign for your purchase.


Remember: The chip card still has a magnetic stripe, in case you need to use it at non-chip-enabled terminals.

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