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Visa® reached two key EMV-related milestones in March 2017:

  • More than 2 million merchants now accept chip cards (2.02 million, +98% y/y), representing 44% of U.S. storefronts.[1]
  • More than 1 billion Visa chip transactions (1,001.3 million transactions, +230% y/y). These transactions came from 421 million cards (+98% y/y) and generated $49.1 billion in Visa chip card volume (+165% y/y).

This topic was covered in the Winter 2014 issue. The issue provided a look at enhancements to PNC’s corporate card portfolio, including the incorporation of EMV functionality. These details were published well before the October 2015 EMV deadline for EMV requirements.



According to NACHA, 84% of middle market firms have adopted same-day ACH to speed payment processing.

In addition, companies are using same-day ACH for a variety of purposes, including emergency payment (cited by 95% of companies used same-day ACH), one-time payments (68%) and regularly scheduled payments (58%).

80% of firms expect same-day ACH volume to grow at a steady rate over the next 6-9 months.[2]

This topic was covered in the Fall 2016 issue, which discussed the launch of same-day ACH in September 2016.



The 2017 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey reported that 75% of organizations were victims of payments fraud in 2016, up from 71% in 2015. [3] However, the percentage of organizations reporting commercial card fraud fell from 39% in 2015 to 32% in 2016 (an 18% decrease).[4]

This topic was covered in the Fall 2015 issue, which discussed commercial payments fraud, including products and strategies to reduce exposure to payments fraud.


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