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Families of significant wealth often share similar aspirations but every family is also unique. At Hawthorn, we believe managing wealth is about matching strategies with your specific goals such as preserving what you have already worked hard to achieve and securing an impactful legacy for the future.

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Our unique approach to serving wealthy families includes preparing wealth for your family and preparing your family for wealth.

Preparing Wealth for Families

We offer core wealth management services and
business continuity and succession consulting to protect your wealth.

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Preparing Families for Wealth

The Institute for Family Success was created to help families prepare for the benefits, responsibilities and challenges of significant assets.

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Realizing Values & Purpose Using Voice, Money, Power

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET

What matters? How and when do you claim and exercise your voice, your money, your power; in what combination and to what end? Harvard Business School Professor Linda Hill, author of Collective Genius, and Institute for Family Success Managing Director, Joline Godfrey will discuss these questions on March 10. 

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