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Institute for Family Success

How Do We Compare?
It’s universal: everyone wants to know how they measure up, and ultra-high net worth families are no different. The Family Success Factors Assessment gives families a way of answering that question.

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Legacy Preservation: The Stories and Values Behind the Wealth
Along with preserving wealth, families can now preserve and bequeath their legacy — the stories and values that explain their success.

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Welcoming New Family Members isn’t Enough—On-Boarding Outsiders
If you don’t think that on-boarding new family members matters, you may want to ask Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for a second opinion or read the rest of this article.

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What Is a Family Vision & Why Do You Need One?
Learn why most successful families develop a shared vision for their future together, how they go about it, and what impact it has on their well-being.

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The Family Retreat: Regeneration, Resilience and Reflection
Gather as a family to purposefully discuss your goals related to wealth, assess and develop 7 Family Success Factors and enhance family ties.

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Preparing Young Inheritors: Five Strategies to Success

It takes a village to raise a child — and nurture a young inheritor. We explore the 6 facets of what a prepared inheritor looks like and 5 steps for getting them there.

Investing & Preserving Assets

From Smartphones to Laptops – The Expanding Role of the Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries are already the choice energy source for many products, and consumption is expected to grow considerably over the coming decade.

2 min read

Finding Investment Opportunities in Financial Technology

Advances in FinTech are poised to lead future generations of growth across capital markets, the financial services value chain, and developing economies.

2 min read

Social Media: Key Driver of Future Revenue Growth

Social media has the potential to act as a disruptive force across many industries, driving innovation, boost cost savings, and target consumers.

2 min read

Align Your Investments with Rising Trends

We developed a process to capture opportunities with new products or technologies with the potential to disrupt existing markets.

3 min read

Internet of Things: What is it and What is the Potential?

This emerging technology is in the early stages of development, and the number of potential applications could be tremendous.

4 min read

Genomics: Opportunities in Precision Medicine

Genomics is a branch of biology focused on the structure, function, evolution, and mapping of genomes, the complete set of DNA in the single cell of an organism.

6 min read

Investing in Tomorrow’s Themes Today

Learn about the technological advancements, trends, or shifting consumer preferences powerful enough to affect market performance across multiple industries.

60:30 min video

The Business Impact of Converging Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

There is the opportunity for virtually all industries to incorporate new AI/robotic technologies into their processes.

3 min read

Water Resources & Infrastructure

Water scarcity is a critical issue, and government leaders are faced with the challenge of providing an adequate water supply.

3 min read

Preparing the Next Generation

Transferring Family Wealth

Deciding the Future of the Family Vacation Home

What will happen to your family's vacation home in the future?

9 min read

Risk Management

Prenuptial Agreements: Key Considerations About Prenups

A prenuptial agreement can help keep family wealth in the family. Read about what a prenup is, when it is needed and key considerations when entering one.

12 min read

Transferring Family Wealth

Annual Gift Tax Exclusion Explained

The annual exclusion amount permits donors to give without facing a gift tax. What should you consider in regards to annual exclusion gifting?

7 min read

Business Continuity & Succession

Markets & Economy

Business Tax Provisions of the CARES Act

A summary of some CARES Act tax relief provisions designed to help business owners.

5 min read

Business Continuity & Succession Planning

Planning For Business Owners: Section 199A and Final Regulations

The most effective business plan is one that understands the owner’s personal financial situation and strategic plans for the business.

8 min read

Defining a Family Legacy

Living Well

Family Success: Resilience & Well-Being in the Midst of Change

Building children’s resilience requires lifelong learning. Join the Hawthorn Institute for Family Success for a lively conversation about how to define, achieve and sustain family success in the midst of change.

57:51 min video

Living Well

Meaningful Moments in Financial Parenting

Building children’s resilience requires lifelong learning. View this discussion on the opportunities — and challenges — of financial parenting in complex times.

50:29 min video

Engaging in Philanthropy

Strategic Philanthrophy

Private Family Foundations Annual Governance Checklist

The fun and rewarding activities of a family foundation center around determining the causes and organizations the foundation will support. This is why the foundation exists—to make an impact and difference for chosen causes and organizations.

1 min read

Strategic Philanthrophy

Donor-Advised Funds (DAF): Tax-Advantaged, Flexible Charitable Giving

If you’re looking for a philanthropic vehicle that offers tax benefits and is simple to maintain, a donor-advised fund might be right for you.

1 min read

Strategic Philanthrophy

Fostering Your Family's Legacy: What to Know about Private Foundations

If you want to play an active role in shaping the charitable impact of your wealth, a private foundation provides maximum control over investments and grant-making.

2 min read

Transferring Wealth

Transferring Family Wealth

Strategies to Help Your Heirs Enjoy More of Their Inheritance: Basis Planning

Basis planning may help lower capital gains taxes on assets you leave to your heirs—ultimately making it possible for them to enjoy more of their inheritance.

9 min read

Markets & Economy

Alert: After the Election and the Georgia Runoffs

What we know and what we don’t know for estate planning.

6 min read

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