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Where Family Trees Flourish

Truly Integrated Wealth Management



What Matters Most

Hawthorn was created specifically and solely for families like yours. What matters most to your family is what matters most to us. Understanding what you value helps us form a clear picture of your overall financial and family situation, your goals, and your related interests. Your relationship with Hawthorn begins with a thorough discovery process. 

We ask key questions and pay close attention to your answers — not just the words, but the emotions behind them. We then assemble a multidisciplinary team of seasoned Hawthorn advisors and strategists. Our collaborative approach brings together a mix of proficiencies and perspectives to develop and implement strategies that serve your interests and the interests of those you wish to provide for.

Financial Capital Services

Hawthorn is a national multi-family office with a long history of helping distinguished individuals and families protect and preserve their legacy.

Investment Management & Consulting

Portfolios Aligned to Your Aspirations, Steered by Our Experience


Trust and Estate Administration

Protecting, Sheltering and Transitioning Family Wealth

Private Banking Services

Coordinated Services for Ease and Convenience


Asset Custody, Accounting and Operational Support

Reducing the Burden of Day-to-Day Tasks


Human Capital Services

Hawthorn offers strategic services to help families prepare for the benefits, responsibilities and challenges of significant assets.

Relationship Strategy Services

Gateway to Integrated Wealth Management


Hawthorn Institute for Family Success

Preparing Your Family for Wealth

Wealth Strategy

Comprehensive, Strategic Planning with a Purpose


Private Foundation Management Services

Supporting Your Charitable Legacy



Business Services

To help clients grow or transition family businesses, we also offer the services of PNC and its subsidiaries for corporate and institutional banking.

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