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Transferring Family Wealth

Choosing a Fiduciary

When crafting your will or setting up a trust, a major decision you need to make is choosing a fiduciary. How can you make sure you identify the ideal executor of your will or trustee of a trust?

6 min read

Discovering Family Values: A Key to Successful Wealth Transfer

The ability to identify common family values and align them with long-term goals is a key characteristic of many families that successfully transfer wealth through the generations. Below we explore ways to clarify shared values and integrate them with four common principles that support successful multigenerational succession.

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Strategies to Help Your Heirs Enjoy More of Their Inheritance: Basis Planning

Basis planning may help lower capital gains taxes on assets you leave to your heirs—ultimately making it possible for them to enjoy more of their inheritance.

9 min read

Delaware Directed Trusts

Delaware directed trusts are often used by families with multigenerational estates and complex assets, such as family businesses or multistate real estate holdings.

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Living Well

Wash Your Hands!

And 10 other ways to help your family thrive through the coronavirus. A Hawthorn Institute for Family Success℠ briefing.

1 min read

Stewarding Family and Financial Well-Being through the Generations

The Hawthorn Institute for Family Success focuses on seven practices that help families flourish.

3 min read

Life Sciences Experts Are Within Your Reach

Solebury Trout connects high-net-worth families to the innovators who fight diseases.

3 min read

Four Key Steps to Planning a Successful Family Meeting about Your Wealth

How can you make sure your children are prepared for wealth? A formal family meeting can create a launch pad for more detailed and meaningful conversations with them.

8 min read

Checklist of Essential Items for Parents of Young Adults

Once your child turns 18, you no longer have access to their medical records. An emergency plan is key.

3 min read

Markets, Economy & Investments

Strategy Insights: 20/20 Vision

We present our 2020 outlook for global markets and key asset classes, and assess the potential impact of the 2020 presidential election on the markets.

8 min read

Global Market Snapshot: Special Edition - July 2020

The Global Market Snapshot provides a quick tour around the world, highlighting key economic and market-moving news, featuring actionable insights for all investors.

11 min read

America’s Fiscal Future: Strength in the Face of Uncertainty

How does the scale of the federal debt affect the sustainability of government finances?

8 min read

Federal Debt and the U.S. Economy: Why the Federal Debt Matters

The federal debt is more than $22 trillion, and mounting. What are the implications of a growing Federal budget for the economy and financial markets?

11 min read

The Supreme Court Rules on Trust Tax

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision that may help some trusts and their beneficiaries avoid state income tax.

5 min read

Gender Lens Investing: Providing Tools for Women’s Economic Empowerment

Encouraging and funding women’s economic empowerment is the responsibility of not just governments and nonprofits but also the private sector.

10 min read

Thematic Investing

Water Resources & Infrastructure

Water scarcity is a critical issue, and government leaders are faced with the challenge of providing an adequate water supply.

3 min read

Internet of Things: What is it and What is the Potential?

This emerging technology is in the early stages of development, and the number of potential applications could be tremendous.

4 min read

The Business Impact of Converging Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

There is the opportunity for virtually all industries to incorporate new AI/robotic technologies into their processes.

3 min read

Align Your Investments with Rising Trends

We developed a process to capture opportunities with new products or technologies with the potential to disrupt existing markets.

3 min read

From Smartphones to Laptops – The Expanding Role of the Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries are already the choice energy source for many products, and consumption is expected to grow considerably over the coming decade.

2 min read

Finding Investment Opportunities in Financial Technology

Advances in FinTech are poised to lead future generations of growth across capital markets, the financial services value chain, and developing economies.

2 min read

Social Media: Key Driver of Future Revenue Growth

Social media has the potential to act as a disruptive force across many industries, driving innovation, boost cost savings, and target consumers.

2 min read

Strategic Philanthropy

Support Your Favorite Charities & Make Gifts to Younger Generations

The Charitable Lead Annuity Trust provides long-term income streams to qualified charities while passing assets to your descendants without estate or gift taxes.

4 min read

How to Maintain a Steady Income Stream While Supporting Charitable Initiatives

A charitable remainder trust can provide a lifetime income stream that can help you fulfill goals of supporting charitable organizations.

4 min read

Donor-Advised Funds (DAF): Tax-Advantaged, Flexible Charitable Giving

If you’re looking for a philanthropic vehicle that offers tax benefits and is simple to maintain, a donor-advised fund might be right for you.

1 min read

Donor Advised Funds & Private Foundations: A Comparison of Key Features

For families looking to engage in philanthropy and create a family legacy, the two most common charitable giving vehicles are donor advised funds (DAFs) and private foundations.

3 min read

Charitable Giving Guide

There are many factors to consider when determining how to structure your charitable giving.

1 min read

Business Continuity & Succession Planning

Business Tax Provisions of the CARES Act

A summary of some CARES Act tax relief provisions designed to help business owners.

5 min read

Planning For Business Owners: Section 199A and Final Regulations

The most effective business plan is one that understands the owner’s personal financial situation and strategic plans for the business.

8 min read

Security & Risk Management

Six Year-End Tax and Financial Planning Ideas

Planning Strategies That Can Affect Your 2019 Taxes

5 min read