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The promotional rate, expiration date and fee information can be found in the offer copy you received in Online Banking,
an email or in the mail. If you received checks in the mail, you can also find the rate on the table which can be found in the letter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers provided below apply to this Special Balance Transfer Offer. Balance transfers are subject to the terms and conditions of your credit card agreement, except as otherwise described in this offer.

How will transferring a balance affect my available credit?
Your available credit will be reduced by the total amount of the transferred balance and any fee for the transfer. Please make sure the total of all your balance transfers, fees, interest and outstanding transactions do not exceed your credit limit.
What happens to the promotional rate that applies to these balance transfers if I make a late payment?
The promotional rate may end early and your APR may increase to the Penalty APR in the event we do not receive at least your minimum payment within 60 days after the due date for that payment.
Can I avoid paying interest on new purchases if I transfer a balance?
If you transfer a balance, you may have to pay interest (i.e., lose your grace period) on new purchases. That is because you must pay your entire balance (including any transferred balance) each month by the due date to avoid interest on new purchases.
If I take advantage of this special balance transfer offer, how will you apply payments that I make?
We apply your payments at our discretion, and generally that means that we will apply your payments to balances with lower APRs before balances with higher APRs. However, any amounts you pay in excess of the minimum payment due will be allocated to balances with higher APRs before balances with lower APRs.
Is there a possibility that my balance transfer would not be processed?
Yes. Your balance transfer request may be denied if your account is closed, overlimit, delinquent, charged-off, or is reported lost or stolen.
If I transfer a balance, how will that transfer be shown on my statement?
Each transferred balance will be included in the total for purchases on the front of the first page of your statement under "Account summary" and shown in the "Transactions" section of your statement as a "balance transfer."
Do I earn rewards on balance transfers?
No. Balance Transfers are not eligible for rewards.
Can I transfer a balance to pay off other balances with PNC Bank or its affiliates?
No. Balance transfers cannot be used to pay off or pay down amounts you owe to PNC Bank.
How long will it take for my balance transfer to be processed?
Balance transfers may take up to ten (10) business days to process. If you transfer a balance from another lender, you must continue to make any payments due to that lender until that lender posts the balance transfer to that account.
Should I transfer a balance if it includes a disputed transaction with that creditor?
Recently disputed charges with other creditors should not be included in the balance transfer amount requested. By transferring an amount in dispute, certain dispute rights your business may have may be forfeited
Can a submitted balance transfer be canceled?
We can only cancel the submitted balance transfer request if the funds have not yet been paid out to the other issuer and there may be a fee to place a stop payment on the balance transfer.

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    Click on the “Customer Service” tab and, under “Manage Accounts,” choose the “Balance Transfer Center” link under “Credit Card Accounts."

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Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: After the promotion period, a variable APR currently 12.99% to 21.99% based on creditworthiness will be applied.

1 Calculations & Assumptions: The savings reflected are approximate and are calculated on the difference in interest charges between the higher APR cards you entered and the promotional balance transfer APR offered by PNC Bank. Actual savings may be impacted based on your purchase and payment activity. Fees other than the balance transfer fee are not taken into consideration. Additionally, it is assumed that no other balances are on the account other than the transferred balance that is subject to the promotional rate. For purposes of this calculator, the minimum payment is calculated as 1% of principal balance plus interest and fees. Your minimum payment may be different. See your credit card agreement for details.

2 Balance transfers are subject to terms and conditions of the promotional Balance Transfer offer and your credit card agreement.

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