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Featuring: Sahirenys Pierce


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Spotlight Series

As you work toward building a strong financial foundation for yourself, learning from others’ successes — and mistakes — can help. The My Finance Academy Spotlight Series features real people talking about real-life financial challenges and the solutions that have worked for them. They share tips you can use today and strategies to set yourself up for financial success tomorrow.

Sit back, watch a video, read an article, and check back often: We will add new content and contributors to the Spotlight Series throughout the year.

Currently Featuring
Sahirenys Pierce

Sahirenys tackles the B word to help you live your best life. 

Budgeting may sound boring, but it’s actually pretty exciting when you think about how it can help you build a strong financial future for yourself. Know where your money’s going, see how good it feels to save, and ease the stress of running short on cash. Sahirenys’ tips make budgeting easy and realistic for your everyday

Unravel the mystery of building good credit. 

Everybody’s talking about how important credit scores are, but what does that really mean? Sahirenys talks about the factors that affect your credit score and shares steps you can take right now to improve it. Learn how to manage your credit cards, bills and debt to build good credit.

Lose the debt and breathe easy.

Want to be free of your student loans or other debt? Sahirenys shares her own story of paying off $99,000 in debt in just five years and explains how you can create a debt payoff plan for yourself. See how quickly you can get your debt under control when you commit to a solid strategy and timeline.

Is it time for you to start investing?

It’s never too soon to start planning for your retirement or other long-term financial goals. Once you have a strong financial foundation in place, you may want to consider investing. Sahirenys helps you explore your own reasons for investing and shares some golden rules for getting started.

Learn about your finances. Develop healthy habits. Make smarter decisions with your money.


Start Investing: A Beginner’s Guide to Stocks & More

If you’ve thought about investing but put off because you think it’s too complicated or it requires too much cash, maybe you just need to learn more about it.

3 min read


How to Start an Emergency Fund and Why it Matters

An emergency fund is money set aside for unforeseen circumstances. Think of it as a safety net to catch you when expenses spring up unexpectedly.

3 min read


How to Build Credit as a College Student

Your credit history and score can affect your ability to qualify for loans, credit cards and other financial opportunities throughout your life. Here are some tips for building credit now, while you’re in college.

3 min read

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