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Featuring: Julien and Kiersten Saunders of rich & REGULAR®

My Finance Academy Spotlight Series

As you work toward building a strong financial foundation for yourself, learning from others’ successes — and mistakes — can help. The My Finance Academy Spotlight Series features real people talking about real-life financial challenges and the solutions that have worked for them. They share tips you can use today and strategies to set yourself up for financial success tomorrow.

Remember to check back often: We will add new content to the Spotlight Series throughout the summer.

Currently Featuring: 
Julien and Kiersten Saunders of rich & REGULAR®

Staying out of the credit card trap.

When you’ve just graduated and are living on an entry-level salary, credit cards can be really, really tempting. That’s why so many young professionals end up with credit card debt that weighs heavily on their financial lives. Julien and Kiersten learned the hard way, and want to make sure that you don’t. Tune in to learn how to avoid the traps and use credit cards to your financial advantage.

Four keys to improving your ability to save.

Spending money is fun — at least in the short term. But what’s more fun is being able to afford the things you truly want. Julien and Kiersten tried lots of crazy ways to do just that. They didn’t work. But they did find (and will share with you) ways to find a better balance between enjoying today and saving for tomorrow.

How to stop fraud from throwing a wrench into... everything. 

Fraudsters use every trick in the book to separate you from your money. And every day, they’re coming up with new ones. The results can be devastating, not only to your finances today but to your future plans and security. Julien and Kiersten share tips for helping you avoid fraud and identity theft, protect your hard-earned money and sharpen your radar for scams.

A commencement address that lasts a lifetime.

Most graduation speeches don’t have a lot of staying power, but this one will. Julien and Kiersten bring you the address they wish they’d have gotten on graduation day — practical advice on living a happy financial life. Tune in for insights on investing that you can put into action with that first paycheck.