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Raising Money Smart Kids

There’s never a bad time to teach your kids to make smart money choices. Young kids need the basics while tweens & teens can learn money management skills to take them into adulthood.


Teaching Kids Smart Money Choices

Parents are talking to their tweens and teens about spending, budgeting, saving and credit earlier than ever. Explore helpful topics and learn some conversation starters.

4:10 min video


Raising a Moneywise Child: 4 Ways to Teach Young Kids About Managing Finances

Learning about money management early helps kids grow into financially responsible teens and adults. Start with these financial concepts for kids ages 6 to 12.

4 min read


6 Ideas for Teaching T(w)eens About Managing Finances

Money talks. So should parents. It’s time to start or continue the conversation with your tween or teen about smart financial habits to use for life.

3 min read


3 Steps for Shaping Your Children’s Money Mindset

Want your children to grow up with good money management skills? It’s never too early to start teaching them how to save and spend.

3:43 min video


From Kindergarten to College: How to Plan for Your Child’s Education

Learn how to prepare for the future and save for your child’s education with these 4 tips.

3:38 min video


Do Your Kids Make Smart Money Choices?

Technology presents opportunities to learn about and manage money.

1 min read

In Case You Missed it: How safe are you in today’s digital world?

Identity theft is a concern for all Americans. We can help you learn what makes up your personally identifiable information (PII), ideas for how to protect it and what to do if identity theft happens to you.


Understand, Recognize, Protect and Act

Learn how you can help feel more confident and prepared to protect your personal identity, including ideas of what to do if your identity is compromised.

3:42 min video


Important Things to Know Before Using Your Favorite Financial App

Learn how your data, including sensitive personal and account information, may be stored and potentially accessed by third parties, and what PNC is doing to support more secure financial app use.

2 min read


Take Steps Today to Help Protect Your Identity

Identity theft happens every day, as thieves steal others’ personal information for their own financial gain. Help protect yourself with these steps.

2 min read


How Do You Protect Your Personal Information

Advances in technology have resulted in new vulnerabilities and scams.

1 min read


6 Ways to Help Safeguard Your Identity and Finances

Scammers and hackers are getting more sophisticated. Use these tips to help protect your personal data and finances.

2 min read


Protecting Your Financial Data is a Team Sport

When it comes to cyber security, rely on your financial institutions to help keep your information where it belongs – to yourself. Here are a few ways to Prevent, Detect and Resolve cyber theft, and what PNC does to help protect your identity and your money.

4 min read

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