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Learn About a Choice Home Equity Line of Credit

Competitive rates.

Great for home improvements, debt consolidation, large expenses (like a mortgage refinance) and more.

Get easy access to your  money and use the line as many times as you want through out the draw period up to your available credit

Only pay interest on what you spend, like a credit card.

One account, your CHOICE

Fixed and variable rate options throughout the draw period.

Only pay interest on the amount you draw and have the flexibility to lock in a fixed rate on any part of your outstanding balance.

Fixed Rate[2]

Choose the stability of a fixed rate & monthly payment.

  • Great for large home improvement projects, debt consolidation & paying major expenses.
  • Lower closing cost option to refinance your mortgage or to access your home's equity.


Variable Rate & Payment

All new balances start at a competitve variable rate and payment.

  • Competitive low rate and payment that can give affordable payment option.
  • Great for home improvements, consolidating debt or other unexpected expenses.


PNC's Choice Home Equity Line of Credit compared
to other solutions


  Choice Home Equity Line of Credit Typical Home Equity Installment Loan Typical Home Equity Line of Credit
Competitive Rates
Low cost alternative to traditional mortgage

Choose your fixed rate terms  
Know your payoff date

Fixed monthly payment options

Ongoing access to funds during draw period

Only pay interest on what you spend

Frequently Asked Questions


What You Need to Apply

What You Need to Apply

Personal  Information for Applicant and Co-Applicant:

  • Full legal name, Social Security number, date of birth
  • Current address and previous, if less than two years
  • Current employer and previous, if less than two years, including main office phone number
  • Government issued photo ID (Driver’s license, US passport or state-issued ID)

Provide Required Documentation
Additional information and other required documentation may be needed to process your credit application. Depending on your individual financial situation, you may be required to provide some or all of the following:

  • Tax statements
  • Copies of pay stubs
  • Financial statements (bank and asset)
  • Information on additional properties you may own

Home Equity Uses

Here are a couple of examples of how you can use your Home Equity:

  • Consolidate Debt
    • If you are finding it hard to manage monthly payments for credit cards, student loans and auto loans, you may be able to consolidate some of your debt with a home equity loan and make one monthly payment.
  • Renovations
    • Whether you are renovating to get more space, reduce energy costs, or to turn your house into your dream home, accessing your home equity can be a good option.
    • Estimating the cost of your project is the first step. Get quotes from multiple contractors, and to be safe, add 20-30% to the total to account for potential overages.
  • Repairs or Maintenance
    • Regular maintenance and minor repairs are a part of homeownership. But if your home needs more costly repairs, like a new roof or floors, using your home equity could be a smart choice.
    • Estimating the cost of your project is the first step. Get quotes from multiple contractors, and to be safe, add 20-30% to the total to account for potential overages.
  • Finance a Purchase
    • Whether planned or unplanned, large purchases or expenses can throw a wrench in your budget. You can access the equity in your home to finance things like a car, tuition or to pay for a wedding.
    • Remember, the interest you’ll pay on a home equity loan will add to the overall cost of any purchase. Your interest rate and monthly payment may vary over the life of your loan depending on the loan product you choose to use, and if you can’t make a payment you may put your home at risk. So carefully consider if the expense is worth it.

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Important Legal Disclosures and Information

  1. Credit is subject to approval. Certain restrictions and conditions apply.

  2. This account includes the option to establish one or more fixed rate parts during the draw period. A $100 transfer fee applies each time a fixed rate part is established. See account terms or ask us for details.

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