6 Short DIY Projects for Longer Days

Summer is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and tackle a project in or around your home. DIY spruce-ups do more than reinvent your space; they bring a smile to your face that lasts all summer long. All of these tasks can be finished in one weekend or less, leaving you with a beautifully completed project and a feeling of accomplishment.

Turn vacation photos into art

It doesn’t take long to create a memory wall once you’ve gathered all of your supplies. Start by choosing your favorite vacation snapshots and order prints. Next, locate new picture frames or repurpose some of your old ones. Finally, measure, arrange and hang the framed photos in a pattern on your wall – and voilà! You’ve created a space that makes you smile each time you walk by.

Update old wood furniture

Refresh family heirlooms or fun flea market finds in a few simple steps. First, sand off any existing paint and finishes. Once it’s smooth, prime the wood to make sure new paint adheres to it. Add a punch of color with high-gloss spray paint (try summer colors, like sky blue, bright turquoise or grassy green). Then step back and give your work plenty of time to dry.


Create an outdoor kitchen area

Ready to dine under the stars? Make an environment that’s as functional as it is irresistible. Begin by building counter space around the grill, so there are fewer barriers between you and what you need to make dinner. Next, create a dining area out of weather-resistant furniture. Top it all off with strings of accent lights and you’ve got a second dining room to enjoy during nicer weather.

Make the backyard ready to play

Whether your yard is big or small, it could hold some serious gaming potential. You don’t need grass or much room to create a horseshoe pit – simply put stakes in the ground and get started. Have room to roam? Designate areas for croquet or bocce ball with equipment that’s ready to go. Have a soccer star? Set up a practice goal – just make sure it’s far away from any windows.

Add a garden – anywhere

Have more garden desire than garden space? Try pots! Buy seasonal fruit or vegetable plants and potting soil and start a container garden anywhere with enough sun. Make sure to use your vertical space too: Hanging or strawberry pots work well for growing salad greens and herbs.

Illuminate your surroundings

Only using your yard by day? Light up your space and start enjoying your nights outdoors too! Place solar-powered lights along your walkway to give your yard a more manicured look and add visibility. Hang strings of white lights for a restaurant patio feel and use tiki torches filled with citronella to combat pesky mosquitos.

Summer provides a great opportunity to take a break from your daily routine. Now’s the time to spend a few weekends on home projects that will inspire you and keep a little of that relaxed summer vibe around all year long.

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