8 Ways to Have Summer Fun at Home

Long, warm days bring more opportunities for quality time – without having to go anywhere or break the bank. From family fun to date night to personal growth, tap into these imaginative ideas for homespun activities.


1. Themed dinner night

Serve a dinner that celebrates a specific culture. Go Greek, taste Thai or make Mexican dishes that bring a new sense of excitement. Whatever country or region you choose, go all out. Add lesser-known side dishes – you might even find a new favorite recipe. Place fun trivia facts on everyone’s plate. And for a fun twist, say “cheers” in the native language of your chosen country.

2. How-to afternoon

Set aside time to get creative with the kids. How-to afternoon is an opportunity to sneak in some learning, or just have some fun, through hands-on activities. Pick topics that work with items you have on-hand, ranging from “growing seeds into plants” to “making slime from basic ingredients.” You might spark a new passion for biology or chemistry – or you might just make some memories while making a little mess.

3. Backyard campout

Camp out, without the road trip. If you have the basics and your own backyard, start a fire (or grill) and roast hotdogs, s’mores and more. When the stars come out, find your favorite constellations. This is a great way to have fun as a family or simply spend some quiet time outdoors – all with access to the creature comforts of home.

4. Scavenger hunt

Whether you’re looking to keep the kids busy or just get everyone at home involved, a scavenger hunt is a great way to add a little adventure to your summer. Write and hide a chain of clues throughout your home and yard. Then, set everyone loose! The winning prize can be as simple as bragging rights or as fun as a homemade award.

5. No rules night

Start a new family tradition. Set one night aside for kids to do whatever they want – and let them be creative with it. Expect chaos and minimal sleep. Understand that dessert may be served as dinner. And know that you may be creating a new, favorite memory for the whole family.

6. Digital hobby

Spark a new passion. Whether it’s taking time to paint, stretch or learn a language, subscribe to a free YouTube channel that teaches it. Set aside blocks of 30 minutes or an hour and do yoga or develop Italian conversational skills. You might discover it adds needed balance to your life.

7. Out-of-season holiday

Celebrate your favorite holiday. Whether it’s an egg hunt, turkey carving or blowing out candles, take a day you love and relive it in the summer. If that day involves giving gifts, set aside craft time to make something small. You can even wrap it and surprise a friend by placing it on their doorstep. Why not share the fun?

8. Go out for dessert

You can still go out for ice cream or a late-night coffee and slice of pie, just don’t go so far. Spread a picnic blanket in your front or back lawn and serve something simple like cookies or a couple scoops in a bowl. Enjoy all the sweetness of dessert with the added adventure of being outside. Don’t forget the napkins and a flashlight or two.

We hope these 8 budget-friendly ideas inspire you and help you stay entertained this summer. Who knows? You might start a new tradition, find an unexpected favorite meal or get some great family photos out of it. We just hope you have fun – because that’s what summer is all about.


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