Create Your Sanctuary Room by Room

Life can move at lightning speed and isn’t showing signs of slowing down. That’s why it’s important to make your home your personal respite. 



Let’s go room by room and help you create the feeling you’re looking for in each space – whether it’s a renewed sense of energy, calm relaxation or pure inspiration. Let PNC show how colors, scents, air quality and a little feng shui can change the mood of your space.

Welcome yourself home

Create a warm, inviting feeling at the entryway with engaging scents like vanilla, basil or lemon. Since this space welcomes and sets the tone for your home, choose colors and decorations that represent your personality. Whatever you choose, be sure to make your statement the minute the door opens. Keep this area fresh by placing mats on both sides of the door. This will keep pollen, allergens, bacteria, lawn chemicals and more outside the front door – where they belong.

Relax in the living room

Once you’re warmly welcomed, it’s time to unwind. Soothing aromas like eucalyptus and lavender and refreshing shades of green can help. Together, they inspire and calm at the same time. While it’s tempting to keep your laptop on the coffee table, the rules of feng shui advise you to separate areas of work and rest.

This means finding a nook, preferably far from the couch, for any at-home work.

The living room is a well-lived-in space, as it should be. Help keep the air clean and flowing with a few simple tips:

• Open a window or two

• Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter

• Add a few potted plants

• Keep the floors clean

• Sanitize handheld devices (TV remotes, gaming controls)

Get creative in the kitchen

Keep the feeling bright and the air smelling clean with lemon and citrus scents like grapefruit, mandarin and mint. Complement the energetic aromas with an uplifting shade of yellow – it’s the color of the sun and helps convey happiness.

Cleanliness is, of course, key in the kitchen. Stay on top of changing fridge filters, cleaning the microwave and letting plates/silverware dry thoroughly before you put them away. Plus, keeping surfaces wiped down and tidy gives this social room the open and welcoming vibe it deserves.

Clean up in the laundry room

Let the kitchen’s high-energy carry over by sticking with a yellow theme here as well. Unless you need a little more motivation to match those socks – then bump it up to an enthusiasm-inducing shade of orange. Add a spritz of stress-relieving lavender scent to the air and you’re ready to tackle the laundry. To keep the air as pure as possible in this multi-purpose room, store pet food in sealed containers, choose paper or plant-based kitty litter, ensure your dryer vents to the outdoors and wipe down commonly used cleaning equipment like brooms and vacuums often.

Sleep soundly in the bedroom

When it’s time to leave the day behind, your bedroom should be your calming oasis. Shades of blue or lilac intertwined with scents of lavender or chamomile can help enhance a good night’s sleep. But, there is one very strict feng shui rule for this room – keep your bed away from the window. Beds should be placed against solid walls with no doors on either side to support both the body and the mind. Letting your bed air out before you make it each day, washing sheets, duvet covers and bedspreads once a week in hot water, cleaning your air filter often, and sticking with the feng shui rule to keep resting and working spaces separate will help keep the air clean and the room calm.

Get squeaky clean in the bathroom

Scents like peppermint, lemon, tea tree and eucalyptus are great for a bright, tidy bathroom. If you like your freshen-up time to be energizing and invigorating, go with a yellow theme. If you’d rather create a relaxing retreat, shades of blue will help produce a calming atmosphere. Help keep moisture from accumulating by staying on top of loose caulk and cracked tiles. Plus, a little daily diligence, like using the fan, avoiding cleaners with ammonia or chlorine and sanitizing faucets, will go a long way to keeping the air clean and pure.

It’s your home and every room should reflect you – in design, décor and (most importantly) in the feeling you get when you walk in the door. Tailoring the layout of a room, keeping the air clean and choosing different fragrances and colors will make coming home feel exactly like you want it to.

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