Improvements that Increase Value

Before tackling your wish list of home improvement updates, make sure to check off the ones that are worth your time, money and effort first.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value Report, these are some of the most popular mid- range level renovations that could increase the value of your home. Weighing the approximate cost with the amount recouped will help you narrow that list down to projects that will bring you joy today and value when it’s time to sell tomorrow.*

For illustratiive purposes only

    Type of Repair Average Cost   Average Resale Value   Cost Recouped
    Siding replacemet $16,036 $12,119 75.6%
    Manufactured stone veneer $8,907 $8,449 94.9%
    Garage door replacement $3,611 $3,520 97.5%
    Deck addition (wood) $13,333 $10,083 75.6%
    Entry door replacement (steel) $1,826 $1,368 74.9%
    Wood window replacement $20,526 $14,530 73.4%
    Bathroom addition $47,427 $28,726 60.6%
    Bathroom remodel $20,420 $13,717 67.2%
    Major kitchen remodel $66,196 $41,133 62.1%
    Minor kitchen remodel $22,507 $18,123 80.5%
    Master suite addition $130,986 $77,785 59.4%

    *Costs can vary greatly by region based on the cost of labor and materials.


Simple Updates You Can Make Today

Not all home projects have to be time-consuming and expensive to get a return. Many smaller DIY enhancements can add value to your home, too.


Turn up the light

Brighten up your home without breaking the bank by cleaning windows and skylights. Update lighting with a modern chandelier or ceiling fan.

Make landscaping “greener”

Adding beds of mulch instead of grass or choosing drought-tolerant plants can improve your home’s curb appeal, save time and help the environment.  

Paint to please

Adding a fresh coat of paint will give a crisp, updated look to your home. Keep the colors neutral to appeal to more potential buyers.

Captivate with the kitchen

Whether getting new appliances is a choice or a necessity, opting for stainless steel and energy-efficient models is always a win.

Do a clean sweep

Quick day-to-day tidying and occasional deep cleaning are two of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep your home looking its best at all times.

Pass your own electrical inspection

Make sure appliances, sprinkler systems, door bells, lights and outlets stay in working order. You’ll keep surprises at bay when it’s time to sell.

Update your bathroom

Outdated bathroom fixtures can be an immediate turn off – but they are an easy fix. Upgrading knobs, pulls, faucets and shower tiling can increase the overall “wow” factor.

Ditch the old doormat

While you may not notice the same, worn-out doormat you’ve been stepping on for years, potential buyers will. And first impressions count.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make and there are many ways to build on that equity. Whether you do minor improvements over the years, a major remodel or both, make sure the projects you choose will pay you back when it’s time to sell.

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