Maintain a Tidy Home With Ease

Think it’s impossible to keep your house clean for more than five minutes? Think again. These 10 simple tips make it easier to maintain a tidy home without putting in a ton of effort – so you can actually relax and enjoy your space.

1. Don’t let messes pile up too long.

  • Set aside 10–15 minutes to pick up and clean up each day.
  • Clean as you go. When you’re done with something, put it away.
  • Wipe down countertops often, including a good clean after dinner.
  • Sweep and vacuum frequently.

2. Keep cleaning supplies close

  • Fill a caddy with your most-used cleaning supplies.
  • If you have two floors, keep a caddy on each for easy access.
  • Keep an additional one with appropriate cleaners in each bathroom.

3. Pre-organize so you don’t have to reorganize.

  • Give everything in your home a designated place and stick to it.
  • Make commonly used items easy to access and convenient to put away.
  • Group items with similar uses: knives and cutting boards, pens and paper, etc.

4. Make donating a habit.

  • Start a donation box and add to it as you go.
  • Make sure the whole family uses the donation box.
  • Every time you get something new, find something to donate too.
  • When the box is full, immediately take it to a local donation center.

5. Organize with a designer’s eye.

  • Use decorative shelving that suits both form and function.
  • Color code your closet – it looks nice and makes it easier to find an outfit.
  • Swap plain containers for baskets that suit your style.
  • Use simple clear containers in the kitchen for easy access and a uniform look.

6. Keep your kitchen clean and countertops clear.

  • Maximize space by keeping your kitchen surfaces free of clutter.
  • Put your mixer, toaster and other small appliances away, but keep them easily accessible.
  • Share kitchen duty – start a calendar and assign age-specific tasks to everyone.

7. Check expiration dates.

  • Look through your pantry, fridge and freezer on a recurring basis and toss expired items.
  • Have a deep freezer? Clean it out once every two months.
  • Get rid of leftovers after one week, tops.

8. Get clever about hiding clutter.

  • Buy an easy-to-use concealer to hide the cords on your mounted TV.
  • Tie all office cords together and funnel them behind your desk.
  • Think vertically and use wall space to create extra storage.
  • Use decorative storage containers on open shelving for a tidy look.

9. Don’t neglect the bathroom.

  • Maximize under-the-sink storage.
  • Install hooks or shelves for extra towels.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet regularly.
  • Do a 60-second pickup before you leave the room.

10. Utilize space under the bed.

  • Use large plastic containers with lids to store books, magazines, etc.
  • Store seasonal items, blankets and pillows in vacuum sealed storage bags.
  • When you clean your floors, don’t forget to clean under the beds.

While this might seem like a lot of work at once, take a few minutes to try out a few of these tips today. Then work to keep the momentum going and see how just a few new habits can help keep your home tidy and clean.

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