Home resolutions: “This year, I will declutter my home.”

If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably resolved to declutter at some point. But, as we all know, decluttering your home can prove to be a daunting task. The strategy below can help you keep this resolution in 2019 –whether you’ve succeeded before or not.

Small start, big deal

For starters, don’t try to declutter your entire home in one day, as you’ll likely burn out before you get far. Instead, try to spend a few hours on one project or space. Start with small decluttering projects that deliver big rewards — like your closet. Little victories will give you the energy and inspiration to stay the course.

A bin for everything

You don't need to spend a lot to declutter your home. You really just need five bins, baskets or cardboard boxes. Set up the bins before you begin so you don't need to hunt for them while you’re working, and label them according to their purpose:

Bin 1 - Put Away: Things get moved around - perhaps a water glass in the bedroom or a sport coat in the dining room. This bin holds items that need to go back where they belong.

Bin 2 - Fix/Mend: Button missing on your jeans? Broken picture frame? Use this bin for items that need repair.

Bin 3 - Recycle: This box is for recyclables, such as paper, plastic or glass,that are left in various places around the house.

Bin 4 - Trash:  Use this bin for waste that cannot be recycled and needs to be thrown away.

Bin 5 - Donate: These items are in good shape and can be used by someone else.

Getting it done: Complete each task

Now that you’ve decided where everything should go, take it there. When you keep things to “do later,” they’re easy to forget or postpone. Take the time to put things in their place and get rid of the trash, recyclables or unwanted items now. You've worked hard to get to this point – so finish the task and celebrate your accomplishment!

No need to be perfect

Forget the staged areas you see professionally photographed or on TV– they’re mostly for show. Your goal isn’t to reach perfection; rather, it should be to create a living space that works better for you and your lifestyle.

Now, go forth and declutter!





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