Lower Your Mortgage Rate
Without a Refinance

Save Money | Streamlined Process | No Application | No Appraisal | No Credit Check | No Closing Appointment

You recently received a communication** telling you that you qualify for a mortgage interest rate modification, which would lower the interest rate and payment on your mortgage, and save you money over the life of the loan.

The process is simple:

  • Call a PNC Mortgage Loan Officer at 1-855-633-4946 to confirm your interest and discuss details about your savings.
  • The Mortgage Loan Officer will send you an agreement to sign, which outlines the details of your interest rate modification.
  • You will sign and return the agreement plus the processing fee in the envelope provided.
  • You will not need an appraisal, credit check or income documentation. There are no other forms, and no closing appointment.

There is a processing fee for this opportunity, but you will find it’s less than the cost of a traditional mortgage refinance since you pay no other closing costs or fees. 

**This offer is only valid for customers who received a communication about this opportunity.

How Can You Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

Call 1-855-633-4946 to speak with a PNC Mortgage Loan Officer who will give you details about your rate and payment savings.

Yes. It’s that easy. Once you receive the Modification of Note agreement, simply follow its instructions.  Your new, lower rate will be effective a few weeks after we receive the signed agreement and processing fee.

Yes. You should keep making your regularly scheduled mortgage payments until we notify you of your new payment amount. You will receive a revised billing statement or new coupon book a few weeks after we receive your signed agreement and processing fee.

No, your monthly payment will be due on the same date.

The new payment will be reflected on your monthly billing statement or, if you use a coupon book, you will receive a new one in the mail instructing you when to make your new payment.

No. Your Account Number will remain the same.

Please call PNC BANK at 1-855-633-4946 by the date provided and confirm you want to proceed to ensure you can take advantage of this opportunity.

No, you are unable to shorten your loan term with this opportunity. If you would like to shorten your term, you would need to contact PNC and go through a traditional refinance.

No, this is not a refinance. You will NOT need an appraisal, credit check or income documentation to take advantage of the offer. This will also not impact your lien position with your first mortgage.

No, there will be no changes to your escrow account, and the rate modification will not impact any required escrow payments.

Interest rates change often. We guarantee the interest rate we offered to you, but only until the expiration date.

No. There is no closing necessary, so you do not need to go anywhere to complete this process nor does anyone need to come to your home.

We can take your payment right over the phone via credit or debit card, or provide payment information on the  Processing Fee Payment Form, along with your signed agreement, in the envelope provided.

This opportunity is only available to those who received the offer communication.

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