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PNC Directions is a mutual fund and exchange traded fund investment advisory program designed for investors taking those first steps toward achieving their financial goals. Unlike other managed account services that may require a large, upfront investment, PNC Directions requires only a $5,000 minimum initial deposit for a portfolio consisting of mutual funds or exchange traded funds.

Capital Directions is a flexible, unified managed account program where professionally managed portfolios are combined within a single account constructed to align with your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Investment advisors buy and sell ETFs, mutual funds, stocks and bonds on your behalf. Minimum account size: $50,000.

Portfolio Solutions is a flexible managed account experience. Investors can choose to work with a PNCI Financial Advisor to customize a portfolio, or select from approved third-party asset managers to pursue a specialized investment strategy.

You should understand that:

As with all investments, investing in securities offered through managed accounts involves risk.

  • Past performance is no guarantee of future results
  • Certain market and/or interest rate risks could adversely affect any investment, and could cause a loss in your account
  • The risk parameters that you provide your advisor are guidelines only; there is no guarantee that they will be met or exceeded
  • Shares of any particular fund may fluctuate in value and, when redeemed, may be worth less than their original cost
  • There is no guarantee that a target allocation or fund research recommendation will protect against loss of investment
  • The number and variety of investment options available through PNC Directions may be limited. (Degree of limitation will be relative to other wide-range investment programs.)

How PNC Investments Does Business

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