Premier Directions

Offered by PNC Investments

Premier Directions is a separately managed account (SMA) – a portfolio comprised of individual securities managed by a professional investment advisor focusing on a specific asset class or investment style.

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Key Features

& Tax-Efficiency

See your positions and potentially direct the manager to take gains and losses for tax efficiencies

You're in Control

You may be able to place reasonable restrictions on the types of securities in your account, according to personal preference


Select professional investment managers and strategies aligned with your goals, to build a custom portfolio


  • Minimum account size: $100,000
  • Work with a dedicated Financial Advisor to develop an investment strategy that meets your unique circumstances, timeframe and tolerance for risk
  • An investment manager actively manages your account, buying and selling securities at their discretion, but you have ownership of the securities in your portfolio
  • Select a professional investment manager suited to manage a specific portion of your overall investment portfolio
  • You may be able to restrict a manager from purchasing certain securities in your managed account
  • You may be able to reduce tax liabilities by directing the manager to take advantage of tax gains or losses where appropriate
  • Ongoing due diligence process and performance monitoring
  • Quarterly performance reports and monthly account statements