Women & Investing

Insights, tools and resources tailored
to the distinct financial needs of women
and the realities they face.

Women face unique challenges. It's important to plan accordingly.

You're likely to live longer.

Women have a longer life expectancy than men. More years means you'll need more money set aside.[1]

You're likely to earn less.

Statistically, women start out earning less than men, tend to get smaller raises and change jobs or seek promotions less often.[2] It adds up.

You're more likely to take time away from the workplace.

Staying home with kids or deciding to work part-time to raise a family or care for aging parents can place you further behind.

Insights & Guidance to Support Your Goals


The Importance of Asset Allocation

Determining the appropriate mix of investment types for your portfolio is one of your most important tasks as an investor.

3:09 min video


The Value of Pairing Your 401(k) with an IRA

Your employer-sponsored plan is just a starting point. Find out how supplementing your 401(k) plan with an IRA can help you maximize your retirement assets.

2:46 min video


Don't Let Long-Term Care Costs Undercut Your Retirement Plans

It’s important to plan for healthcare costs in retirement, so you don’t risk depleting your hard earned-assets.

2:45 min video


Financial Advice for Women: Marketing Ploy or Valid Distinction?

You don't need separate solutions - just a distinctly attuned point of view.

4 min read


Help Achieve Your Investment Goals with a Managed Account

Learn about the benefits of using a managed account in your investments.

2 min read


Do We Talk to Sons & Daughters Differently About Money?

A recent survey of millennial investors reveals some interesting insights.

2 min read

Additional Tools & Resources

Budget Worksheet

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Retirement Planning Milestones: A Timeline for Achievement

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Retirement Calculator

Determine if you're investing enough to meet your retirement income needs.
Assess your situation

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