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6 Questions to Create and Sustain Successful Family Meetings

We are happy at the Institute for Family Success to help you create successful family meetings and make them part of the traditions your family will value for generations to come.

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March 2021 Reflections

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Preparing the Next Generation of Inheritors
While preparation of inheritors is as critical as it has ever been, it is nonetheless time to rethink what it means to prepare the next generation for the responsibilities —and opportunities— of wealth.

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February 2021 Reflections

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Voice, Money, Power.
Over the next decade, women are projected to control over 70% of the nation’s wealth. This is a historically significant event — unfolding as women create, earn, and inherit wealth in a generational transition of assets and legacy.

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January 2021 Reflections

What's a Financial Creative?
Many families have creatives in their midst but don’t recognize them because they’re not practicing culturally recognized arts. This month’s blog is for those creatives who would like to be better able to contribute to the financial issues of the family—but in their language.

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December 2020 Reflections

Healing Holidays
Where differences in values, priorities, and dreams exist between and among families, generations, friends or colleagues, our best hope is to embrace them.

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November 2020 Reflections

How to Use the Holidays as an Onboarding Vehicle
Keeping family strong is serious work.
But the payoff — is immense.

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October 2020 Reflections

What Is a Family Vision & Why Do You Need One?
Families are like Alice in Wonderland – if they don’t know where they are going, any road will get them there...

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