Thematic Investing at Hawthorn

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Thematic Investing Whitepapers

Learn how Hawthorn can help capture opportunities with new products or technologies with the potential to disrupt existing markets.

From Smartphones to Laptops – The Expanding Role of the Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries are already the choice energy source for many products, and consumption is expected to grow considerably over the coming decade.

2 min read

Finding Investment Opportunities in Financial Technology

Advances in FinTech are poised to lead future generations of growth across capital markets, the financial services value chain, and developing economies.

2 min read

Social Media: Key Driver of Future Revenue Growth

Social media has the potential to act as a disruptive force across many industries, driving innovation, boost cost savings, and target consumers.

2 min read

Internet of Things: What is it and What is the Potential?

This emerging technology is in the early stages of development, and the number of potential applications could be tremendous.

4 min read

Genomics: Opportunities in Precision Medicine

Genomics is a branch of biology focused on the structure, function, evolution, and mapping of genomes, the complete set of DNA in the single cell of an organism.

6 min read

Water Resources & Infrastructure

Water scarcity is a critical issue, and government leaders are faced with the challenge of providing an adequate water supply.

3 min read

The Business Impact of Converging Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

There is the opportunity for virtually all industries to incorporate new AI/robotic technologies into their processes.

3 min read

Strategic Thematic Investing 

Our thematic investment strategy identifies themes we believe to be structural rather than cyclical, thus creating an opportunity to provide alpha over a longer investment holding period.

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