Seven for 2017

Seven savvy tips to help keep your finances in tip top shape in the new year

Ring in the New Year with a Plan

When it comes to managing your money, following some guidelines to help you stay on the right path certainly beats having no plan and hoping for the best.

Consider these seven easy-to-adopt tips in the new year, and start (or continue) your path to healthier finances in 2017:

1. Pay Yourself

You deserve to have healthy finances and to worry less. By paying yourself first each month, your anxiety can be reduced by watching a nest egg grow and knowing that you're ready for what life throws your way. A nest egg is fantastic for covering unexpected situations that may arise or even to just do something nice for yourself and those you love.

2. Put a Cap on It

Put a cap on spending by making the PNC SmartAccess® Prepaid Visa® card your payment method of choice for everyday purchases[1]. After evaluating your needs and creating a budget, you can add specific amounts of cash to your card to set limits for yourself and your family.

3. Dream Big

No matter what major purchase is on your mind, make a list of your wishes with the Virtual Wallet® Wish List tool. As you save, watch as you get closer to reaching each of your goals.

4. Put Debt in its Place

All debt is not created equal. Prioritize paying down credit cards with higher interest rates first. Consider opening a PNC Core℠ Visa® Credit Card, which offers the lowest introductory APR available on balance transfers, to tackle credit card debt head-on[2].

5. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Wondering how your money seems to disappear and credit balances add up so quickly? Stop the cycle! Learn more about the tools and technology we have available so that PNC is Always Open - allowing you to track your spending how and when it's convenient for you.

6. Write More

Write your short, medium and long-term goals down, financially speaking. You are more likely to achieve what you write on paper and can reflect upon. No need to lock it up... share with someone you trust and admire who can further motivate and empower you.

7. Stay Vigilant

At PNC, we are committed to protecting your personal and financial information. But, there are also actions you can take to further safeguard your information from fraud. Storing sensitive personal information in a safe deposit box and regularly checking your bank statements and credit reports are a few small but effective actions you can take.
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