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Families and friends are using Popmoney to send and receive money. It's a service for PNC customers with Online Banking[1].

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Just about anyone in the United States with a bank account can receive funds using Popmoney — another way that PNC is Always Open for you.

Roommates and Landlords

If you're a renter, you know the awkwardness of forgetting to stop at the ATM to reimburse your roommate at the turn of the month. It's worse than eating his leftover pizza. But with Popmoney, the awkwardness is gone. Your portion of the rent and bills get paid on time to the person who has to receive the cash. Popmoney also has benefits landlords can enjoy — there are no checks in the mail and they get a dated e-mail when the money is on its way. Besides — waiting for an out-of-state check to clear is painful. So make rent-time easy and be the best tenant/roommate you can be.


Your kids' allowance may be the toughest of the bills you pay. There's no written statement and the penalties can be steep. Enter Popmoney. You can use it for allowance time or even to help your college-age son or daughter pay expenses at college. Overall, Popmoney is a great way to enjoy the peace of mind you'll get from knowing your family can have access to the funds they need.


Fun fact: 100% of your friends have birthdays. So how do you collect for a gift? Easy, use Popmoney. Your friends will thank you for making it so easy to plan a great birthday celebration. If cash is the gift and your friends are far away, Popmoney even has the option of sending an ecard.

Want to know one more way that Popmoney helps keep friendships tight? Fun dinners out! You won't need to end the evening by asking the wait staff to make a last-minute check split. With Popmoney, you can make the split yourselves and then reimburse whoever picked up the tab. Use Popmoney on your mobile device[2] to make the transaction while you're still at the table.


Got a neighbors' association, place of worship, club or sports team? Do your kids have money due for a scouting campout or a ski club outing? Pay your group dues the easy way with Popmoney.

Dog Walkers, Babysitters, etc.

Enjoying great service from local pros? Your lawn care, driveway-shoveling and other local services are hard work from people you know. Keep 'em happy with timely payments from Popmoney.


Cash-Only Small Businesses

A plumbing repair van may have everything needed to get pipes back in working order after a big storm. The one thing it might not have is a credit card reader.

But, relax. You can use an e-mail address to make a Popmoney transaction. Your plumber can use the e-mail for bookkeeping and tax records. This same type of payment logic can be applied at the local mechanic's, the hair salon, hardware stores and virtually anyone agreeable to this type of payment.

Did You Know

In 2014, the average dollar amount transferred per Popmoney user was $331.

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Important Legal Disclosures and Information

  1. A federal regulation limits the number of transfers that may be made from a savings or money market account. Please see our Consumer Schedule of Service Charges and Fees for additional information.

  2. A supported mobile device is needed to use Mobile Banking. Standard message and data rates may apply.

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