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The Situation:

Eric and Kevin just got married. After being together for 20 years, the law has finally changed to allow Eric and Kevin to marry – something they would have done long ago if possible. The couple was very excited to expand their family and welcome a little one into their home. Eric and Kevin decided to use a surrogate to help them have a baby that would represent Eric's biology. In addition, Eric and Kevin wanted help determining how they would pay for this very expensive process.


The Solution:

The couple's PNC Wealth Strategist recommended that they speak with both a family law attorney and an estate planning attorney. Surrogacy law is very complicated and different in each state. Their new attorneys helped them execute a contract with the surrogate to legally guide the process.

To help navigate through the expenses of this process, their PNC Relationship Strategist gave them a few financing ideas that would keep them from having to liquidate any of their assets earmarked for retirement. In the event of an emergency, their PNC Wealth Strategist suggested that the couple prepare a will to protect each other's interest and the surrogate's interest during the pregnancy.

During this exciting time, it became clear that both intended parents needed life insurance to protect the family in the event of an emergency. The couple's PNC Wealth Strategist, along with their personal insurance advisor, guided them through deciding the amount of life insurance and product that made sense for their goals and objectives.

After Eric and Kevin breathed a sigh of relief and welcomed their baby girl home, their PNC Wealth Strategist helped them create an education plan for their daughter. The couple feels on track to give themselves and their daughter a bright financial future.

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