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Gain a clear view of your assets to help you and your advisor determine where you stand, what you have and where you're headed.

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Designed to help you make more informed investment decisions.

PNC Wealth Insight empowers you to make stronger connections with your PNC Wealth Management® team to have better conversations and make more informed financial decisions together. Combined with the guidance of your advisory team, PNC Wealth Insight offers you a differentiated experience through intelligent, distinct and simple capabilities.

As a PNC Wealth Insight client you can utilize time-saving capabilities by signing up for Online Statements and accessing your tax documents faster in one secure online location.

The PNC Wealth Insight Journey

Gain insight, stay in balance, plan ahead and track your investment goals online, anytime.



Getting Started

Achieving wealth is just the beginning of your journey – one that is met with the satisfaction of security, transparency, and experienced guidance. With PNC Wealth Insight, you and your Wealth Management advisors will have access to the same resources to work together on growing your assets.

A Financial Snapshot


orange icon of an online document

The Brief provides a summary of all your Wealth Management accounts[1]. Check in anytime to see current balances, performance and asset allocations, pending transactions and month-to-date income. Use this section to develop a general understanding of your accounts and then select a specific area (e.g., Allocation) to access more detail.

What does it allow you to do?

  • Choose which accounts you want to view and prioritize accordingly.
  • Select an individual account to view it in isolation with My PNC folio.
  • View a summary of the My PNC folio balance, unrealized and realized gains and losses (short and long term), and pending transactions.

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Making Financial Strides

As you gain insight, you begin to think more critically about your financial goals. The combined use of PNC Wealth Insight’s capabilities and your professional advisory team creates a strong connection, and builds meaningful conversations around the question of “How am I doing?”

Optimizing Your Experience

Now that you have made substantial progress in your journey, it’s time to truly maximize your financial well-being. Optimizing the tools PNC Wealth Insight has to offer allows your trusted team to preserve a legacy for generations to come. Retain your peace of mind and continue to focus on what you value most.


We're here to help.

As a Wealth Management client, you’ll have access to a network of professionals with the specialized knowledge to help you meet your financial needs.


icon of male advisor

Coordinates services, including investment management, wealth planning, trust and fiduciary services, and private banking.


icon of male advisor with glasses

Provides advice on financial planning topics such as cash flow, retirement planning, insurance, as well as estate planning topics.


icon of female advisor

Helps you develop an investment strategy consistent with your goals, and then constructs and manages a portfolio of investments.


icon of male advisor

Carries out the directions in your investment agency agreement or trust documents, and will explain the use of trusts in estate planning, asset protection and charitable giving.


icon of female advisor with glasses

Provides you with the full range of PNC's banking services, including customized credit solutions, deposit services, home equity loans, mortgages, credit cards and online banking capabilities.

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PNC Wealth Insight is offered as a service to PNC Wealth Management clients. Whether you're a current client and want to get started or want to learn more about wealth management from PNC, contact us to schedule a meeting at a location near you.

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Important Legal Disclosures & Information

  1. PNC Wealth Insight® includes all PNC accounts of which our clients individually are the sole or joint owner, as well as other PNC accounts (“Non-Ownership Accounts”) in which our clients have an interest (for example as a fiduciary, such as a trustee or executor, or beneficiary of a trust) or for which our clients have been authorized to see information.

    Based upon our clients’ PNC Online User ID, PNC Wealth Insight® may include information regarding one or more Non-Ownership Accounts. This means that the information available to them on the various PNC Wealth Insight® tabs reflects both assets of which they are a sole or joint owner and the assets of those Non-Ownership Accounts, where they may not directly own the trust or other account assets and may not be entitled to receive the income from the trust or other account. PNC Wealth Insight® helps to identify the Non-Ownership Accounts included in PNC Wealth Insight® by using the following account relationship icon: Future enhancements to PNC Wealth Insight® capabilities may separately identify Non-Ownership Account income or assets in order to refine the information we share with our clients.

  2. Net Worth is provided for informational purposes only and is not to be relied upon by you or any third party to make financial or other decisions. Net Worth may include information on assets not held in a PNC account. PNC does not represent that the value of such assets is accurate or that you have any ownership interest or right to access such assets. PNC obtains information from third party sites once a day. Therefore, the information could be different than shown for your accounts on the third party site. Please refer to the User Agreement for more information.

The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (“PNC”) uses the marketing name PNC Wealth Management® to provide investment and wealth management, fiduciary services, FDIC-insured banking products and services, and lending of funds through its subsidiary, PNC Bank, National Association (“PNC Bank”), which is a Member FDIC, and to provide specific fiduciary and agency services through its subsidiary, PNC Delaware Trust Company or PNC Ohio Trust Company. Securities products, brokerage services, and managed account advisory services are offered by PNC Investments LLC, a registered broker-dealer and a registered investment adviser and member of FINRA and SIPC. Insurance products may be provided through PNC Insurance Services, LLC, a licensed insurance agency affiliate of PNC, or through licensed insurance agencies that are not affiliated with PNC; in either case a licensed insurance affiliate may receive compensation if you choose to purchase insurance through these programs. A decision to purchase insurance will not affect the cost or availability of other products or services from PNC or its affiliates. PNC does not provide legal, tax, or accounting advice unless, with respect to tax advice, PNC Bank has entered into a written tax services agreement. PNC does not provide services in any jurisdiction in which it is not authorized to conduct business. PNC Bank is not registered as a municipal advisor under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“Act”). 

“PNC Wealth Management” is a registered trademark of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Investments: Not FDIC Insured. No Bank Guarantee. May Lose Value.

Insurance: Not FDIC Insured. No Bank or Federal Government Guarantee. Not a Deposit. May Lose Value.

Read a summary of privacy rights for California residents which outlines the types of information we collect, and how and why we use that information.