Samples of Fraudulent Messages

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through e-mail or phone, including text messaging, to steal your personal information.


What to do if you receive a Suspicious Message

If you suspect that you've RECEIVED a fraudulent e-mail that appears to be from PNC Bank:

  1. Do NOT respond
  2. Do NOT click on any links
  3. Do NOT provide any personal information
  4. Forward the email to PNC Bank
  5. Delete the email

If you responded or disclosed your personal information to a possible fraudulent message, notify PNC Bank's Online Banking Team immediately at 1-800-762-2035 or visit us at a local branch.

What to do if you suspect a bug or vulnerability

If you suspect a bug, vulnerability or other system issue with PNC products or services, you can report it to us at


Recent Fraudulent Messages

Be aware of fraudulent e-mails that appear to come from a legitimate source which, in fact, are designed to trick you into downloading a virus, or personal identifying information, disclosing sensitive, confidential information.