Tax Express

No one enjoys paying taxes. Unfortunately, they are unavoidable. Tax Express from PNC Bank makes this all-important job that much easier. You can authorize payments in advance, pay penalties and estimates with ease, and automate deductions. Gone are the worries about form selection, overdue payments and lost checks.


Once enrolled in Tax Express, you simply enter the type of tax, the payment amount and the date due. You can pay a variety of taxes - federal, state, and some local taxes, including business, estimated payments, penalties and interest. Tax Express is available to businesses throughout the United States, except in Nevada.

Online Convenience

Authorize tax payments when it's most convenient for you - up to 30 days in advance of their due date - from any computer with Internet access and a secure browser with 128 bit encryption. It's all online through, so there's no extra software required. Once enrolled, there's easy sign on access from the Small Business Online Services Login box located on all Small Business web pages. Display the dropdown menu in the "Select Service" box, then pick "Tax Express" under Small Business.  

You won't have to fill out online tax forms either. Just select the business tax form number you need to pay, enter the amount, and the date you want it paid.  With Tax Express you can get printable payment receipts, and review previous or pending payments you've scheduled. When an online computer is not an available, you can also enter your tax payment authorizations using any touch-tone phone.

Automated Service

Get confirmation as well as peace of mind - payments are deducted automatically from your PNC Bank business checking account two business days prior to the payment date you indicate and transmitted electronically for you.

Enrollment Is Easy

Contact a PNC Business Banker, or call us at 800-762-5684 between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ET, Monday through Friday, to discover how this service could work for your business.


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