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Fall 2017/Winter 2018

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This Issue's Articles


5 Tips for Preparing for Your Annual Financial Review

An annual financial review helps you see where your farm stands today and make plans to keep it running strong over the short and long term.

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Build a Successful Multigenerational Farm Through a Team Approach

To increase the chances that your farm will be part of your family’s future, embrace communication today.

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Protecting Your Farm with a Margin Protection Plan

MPP adds a new dimension to your insurance coverage. Find out how it can help.

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For Farmers and Agricultural Professionals

Profiles in Agribusiness

A&B Milling Company

Taking Their Company Nationwide

Shortly after Bob Allsbrook took the reins of his family’s feed, seed and fertilizer business in 1972, a government dairy buyout caused him to rethink the direction of A&B Milling Company in historic Halifax County, North Carolina. They decided to shift their agribusiness focus to selling peanut products.

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ARC Ferns

Thriving Through Specialization

Each year, ARC Ferns produces more than 10 million fern liners, in 150 different varieties, for growers, nurseries and resellers throughout the country. “We satisfy nearly 50% of U.S. demand for these types of ferns,” says ARC President Dan Carmi, whose horticulture education and expertise form the roots of his successful business.

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Agriculture Briefs

It's Ag Census Time Again

Good news for the farming community: It’s census time. Performed every five years, the agricultural census aims to count every U.S. farm and ranch, as well as the people who work there. If you’re raising fruit or vegetables, or food animals, and are selling them for $1,000 or more during the census year, your business counts. Here’s what you need to know, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.[1]

  • When does it happen? The census will be mailed in December 2017, and you must respond by February 5, 2018. You can mail back your completed form or respond online [].
  • Who can see and use the information? The Census of Agriculture is the main unbiased source of agricultural information for every county in the country. Its data will be available to farmers and ranchers, agricultural companies and cooperatives, community planners, and legislators.
  • When can I find out the results of this year’s census? Information from the 2017 census will be compiled and released in February 2019.
  • Where can I find census data from past years? You can find previous census data online ( or at an office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service near you.
  • Why does it matter? The data collected by the Census of Agriculture can help businesses and the government understand the scope and nature of the farming industry, so they can see how and where agricultural programs and services are needed.

PNC Point of View

Resources, Perspectives and Insights from PNC
Find out more about PNC’s experts, values and priorities through interesting stories on timely and relevant topics such as finance and the economy, community involvement and banking innovation.

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How Long Should You Keep Financial Records?

with commentary by Jim Benedict

Here’s a guide to help you think through how to keep and store your most important documents, but also know what you can shred.

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Student Loan Debt Doesn’t Have to Control Your Checkbook

featuring Naimesh Patel and Ardell Montgomery

Student loan debt doesn’t have to be overwhelming and expensive. Consider a variety of tools to help manage it.

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Cash Flow Challenges

Cash Flow Challenges is a weekly blog that gives you insights on the top cash flow challenges business owners are facing today.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow Now

In addition to a business plan and a mission statement, cash flow management is a key component of small business success.

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Business Loans and Personal Finances: Real Crossover, Real Concerns

Many small business owners are surprised to learn their personal finances can affect the creditworthiness of their businesses.

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