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Summer 2017

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PNC - Financial Benchmarks for Veterinary Practices

Financial Benchmarks that Every Veterinary Practice Should Know

Guest Speaker: Terence M. O'Neil
CPA, CVA, Partner at Katz, Sapper & Miller

Hear about key financial benchmarks for veterinary practices based on national trends and practice data. This session includes but is not be limited to:  Revenue and expense categories, Average client invoices, DVM productivity, Staff labor hourly rates and revenue per hour, and Associate DVM compensation.

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Financial Planning for Young Doctors

Early in your career, you may feel like you have so little disposable income that you should put off financial planning.

If you’ve been struggling with your finances, know that you’re not alone. A 2016 study by AMA Insurance found that nearly 40% of physicians say they are behind in their financial goals.

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Better Waiting Room Experience

Patients spend an average of 20 minutes in the waiting room for a visit — and those 20 minutes can feel long and uncomfortable.

The happier your patients are as they wait, the more effective their appointments are likely to be, and the stronger the doctor-patient relationships.

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Patient Data Security Beyond Privacy Regulations

6 Things to Know about Patient Data Security

What you may not know is that patients’ medical records — even more than Social Security numbers and credit card information — are a primary target of attacks.

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Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Memo

Heal Thyself

The digital age is supposed to make everything easier and more efficient in healthcare and medical offices, right? Not necessarily. If you’re hunched over working on patient records on a tablet or desktop — or working on patients’ themselves — you may experience lower-back[1] or musculoskeletal pain[2]. Studies from Cornell and Duke Universities found four in 10 practitioners complaining weekly of issues, including problems isolated to the right wrists[3]. Higher pain and discomfort rates were reported by female staff in these studies, correlating with greater time spent on computer tasks compared to their male counterparts.

Experts believe most healthcare offices simply are not aware they need to consider ergonomic issues when deploying workstations.

Here are a few tips to help keep yourself pain-free:

  • Check the workstation where you enter patient information for proper placement.
  • Work on posture and patient positioning in your exam rooms.
  • Get treatments for musculoskeletal injuries as soon as possible.

PNC Point of View

Resources, Perspectives and Insights from PNC
Find out more about PNC’s experts, values and priorities through interesting stories on timely and relevant topics such as finance and the economy, community involvement and banking innovation.

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Lending Opportunities Allow Small Businesses to Flourish

featuring Dentists Robert and Brian Klaich

With a dream and specific goals in mind, dental practice grows into its own building, thanks to help from PNC.

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At PNC, 2020 is Already Here

with commentary by Nan Wilberforce

PNC met its carbon emissions and energy reduction goals for 2020 ahead of schedule. Now, the company is raising the bar for 2035.

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Cash Flow Challenges

Cash Flow Challenges is a weekly blog that gives you insights on the top cash flow challenges business owners are facing today.

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Should Your Business Extend Credit?

Marcia Layton Turner

Customers already have many payment options, from cash to check to credit cards, so do you really need to offer them credit, too?

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Employing Interns

Mark Henricks

They often do entry-level tasks, such as clerical work and data entry as well as analytical chores, information-gathering, and communications.

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Keeping Life in Balance


With not one but two major celebrations in 2017, Canada will be host to all kinds of special events.

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All aboard!

Tips for taking advantage of the river cruising travel trend.

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The Beach Awaits

These camping adventures may redefine your vision of getting away from it all.

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