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Summer 2017

This publication covers industry hot topics such as new payment technologies and data security, plus suggestions on how you can accelerate receivables.

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PNC - Delivering Happiness: A Powerful Strategy for Your Business

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Delivering Happiness: A Powerful Strategy for You, Your Employees and the Bottom Line

Guest Speaker: Jenn Lim, CEO of "Delivering Happiness"

Learn from internationally renowned Jenn Lim, how making an investment in happiness may increase your productivity, profitability and the sustainability of your business. 

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This Issue's Articles


Update on Mobile POS Systems

Take a look at the benefits of mobile POS to merchants and customers and how widespread mobile POS has become.

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Protect Yourself from Chargeback Abuse   

It is called “friendly fraud” — consumers wrongfully taking advantage of regulations.

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Watch for the Red Flags of Identity Theft

For a small business, combating identity theft is a four-step process.

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Making PCI Compliance Continuous

PCI compliance is not a set-it-and-forget-it task. Once merchants are compliant, they must take steps to remain compliant.

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Resources for Merchants

Merchant Memos

PNC Merchant Services®:  Your Source For Gift Card Solutions

If you are searching for ways to accelerate your receivables, gift cards may be the solution you need to optimize the way you receive funds.

PNC Merchant Services[1] has gift card programs designed to meet your unique needs, starting with as few as 100 cards . Gift cards can be designed with eye-catching colors and logos to help distinguish your business from the competition, and
customized messages can be used to further promote your brand. Other benefits include:

  • You could increase your sales by offering gift cards, particularly when they are redeemed.
  • Store credit can be issued via gift cards for merchandise returns, keeping profits in-house .
  • Balances on activated gift cards are held by you until gift cards are redeemed.
  • Employees can easily manage and reconcile gift card transactions , saving time and money.
  • Reporting is available online, on your bank card statement or through your terminal’s receipt paper, making it easy to have the information you need when you need it.

The use of gift cards continues to be popular, proving they are no longer just for big-box retail stores or large chain restaurants. They can be found in coffee shops, hair salons, doctors’ offices and even auto repair shops.

To learn more about how gift cards could help you accelerate your receivables, call PNC Merchant Services at 1-888-562-2300.

EMV Liability Shift Delayed to 2020 for U.S. Automated Fuel Dispensers

MasterCard[2] has announced a delay in U.S. region automated fuel dispenser (AFD) merchant participation in the counterfeit and lost/stolen fraud chip liability shifts for U.S. region domestic MasterCard and Maestro point-of-sale transactions. The new participation date is October 1, 2020. Watch for updates from PNC Merchant Services[1] as more information becomes available.

Meet Mike

"Clover makes my day less stressful because I'm able to understand how our business is doing every day.

- The Office Coffee Shop - Mike, Owner

Learn about Clover Station — a next-generation point-of-sale (POS) system that can help simplify your business.

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