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Winter 2017

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Increase Your Cash Flow in Two Years

How Smart Business Owners Will Double Their Cash Through 2019

Guest Speaker: Gene Marks, Nationally Recognized Management Expert

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What to Do When an Employee Asks for a Raise

You may not be able to match salaries at major firms.

Have employees made a strong case about the value they add to the firm, extra responsibilities they’ve taken on or revenue they’ve generated — or do they just want more money?

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Expand Your Content’s Reach

48 million Americans use ad-blocking software.

Customized content can help you cut through the noise, build trust and establish yourself or your firm as an authority in your area.

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Preparing a Welcome Kit for New Clients

Help convince them they’ve made the right decision.

A good kit contains basic information about your firm, how it works and the nature of your agreement with the client. A great one generates warmth, confidence and excitement about the work you’ll do together.

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Legal Project Management

Make your firm more efficient.

Take some of the guesswork out of estimating the cost of a given project, using preset metrics to assess the size of the project, the dates, the staff needed to complete it and other factors.

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Increase Your Cash Flow in Two Years

How Smart Business Owners Will Double Their Cash Through 2019

Guest Speaker: Gene Marks, Nationally Recognized Management Expert

Hear Gene Marks, whose The Washington Post, Forbes, Inc. Magazine and The Huffington Post columns on management are read weekly by hundreds of thousands of owners of small and medium-sized businesses across the country. Gene’s columns, presentations and frequent appearances on Fox Business, Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC are thought-provoking and entertaining.

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Cash Flow Challenges

Cash Flow Challenges is a weekly blog that gives you insights on the top cash flow challenges business owners are facing today.

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Productivity Hacks that Drive Business Success

Mark Henricks

It's impossible to tell whether you are getting anywhere unless you describe the goal specifically.

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How to Exit a Vendor Relationship Gracefully

Rebecca Lake

If you're thinking about cutting ties with a vendor, make sure you formulate a game plan first.

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PNC Point of View

Resources, Perspectives and Insights from PNC
Find out more about PNC’s experts, values and priorities through interesting stories on timely and relevant topics such as finance and the economy, community involvement and banking innovation.

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How Long Should You Keep Financial Records?

with commentary by Jim Benedict

Here’s a guide to help you think through how to keep and store your most important documents, but also know what you can shred.

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Student Loan Debt Doesn’t Have to Control Your Checkbook

featuring Naimesh Patel and Ardell Montgomery

Student loan debt doesn’t have to be overwhelming and expensive. Consider a variety of tools to help manage it.

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