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Summer 2017

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PNC - Delivering Happiness: A Powerful Strategy for Your Business

Exclusive PNC Webcast
Delivering Happiness: A Powerful Strategy for You, Your Employees and the Bottom Line

Guest Speaker: Jenn Lim, CEO of "Delivering Happiness"

Learn from internationally renowned Jenn Lim, about how making an investment in happiness may increase your productivity, profitability and the sustainability of your business. 

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This Issue's Articles


The Essentials for New Managers

How to help new leaders arise and become excellent role models.

Your new managers must grow quickly into their new roles, you need to provide support to help them and their teams succeed.

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Keep Your Health in Check by Eating Right at Work

Being busy doesn’t have to mean your nutrition has to suffer.

Do you live on caffeine and snack food through your workday? These and other poor eating habits at work are bad for both your health and your productivity.

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A Little Book About Choosing to Play Big — by Terri L. Sjodin

“Scrappiness” used to be one of those diminutive terms applied to women in business when traits such as perseverance and grit were considered unladylike.

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Resources for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives

Success Tips

Benefits of Journaling

Whether you’re pursuing a dream, peace of mind, or self-development, old-fashioned pen and paper might be all you need to revitalize and conquer.

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PNC Point of View

Resources, Perspectives and Insights from PNC
Find out more about PNC’s experts, values and priorities through interesting stories on timely and relevant topics such as finance and the economy, community involvement and banking innovation.

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How Long Should You Keep Financial Records?

with commentary by Jim Benedict

Here’s a guide to help you think through how to keep and store your most important documents, but also know what you can shred.

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Student Loan Debt Doesn’t Have to Control Your Checkbook

featuring Naimesh Patel and Ardell Montgomery

Student loan debt doesn’t have to be overwhelming and expensive. Consider a variety of tools to help manage it.

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Cash Flow Challenges

Cash Flow Challenges is a weekly blog that gives you insights on the top cash flow challenges business owners are facing today.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow Now

In addition to a business plan and a mission statement, cash flow management is a key component of small business success.

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Business Loans and Personal Finances: Real Crossover, Real Concerns

Many small business owners are surprised to learn their personal finances can affect the creditworthiness of their businesses.

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Insights for Women in Business eMagazine

Issued online semi-annually, each issue contains 12 – 15 articles with helpful business ideas. The topics are hand-selected for women entrepreneurs, executives and other financial decision makers.

Dissecting the Connection Economy

A business model, buzzword and social movement all in one, the “connection economy” has affected businesses of every size in nearly every sector. If it hasn’t touched your life at work and home, it will soon.
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Integration for Remote Employees is a Priority

Women Employees More Engaged

Q&A with a WBA: Carrie Roy

On-Demand Workforce in the ‘Gig Economy’

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Spring 2017

Mastering the Art of Delegation
Six attributes are the hallmarks of strong leaders who know how to delegate.

Is Your Workspace Hindering Productivity?
Help your employees by giving your workplace a makeover.

In the Company of Women
Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs — by Grace Bonney

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