Mobile Payments Are Here!

The Benefits of Accepting mPayments From Your Customers

Money has taken several different forms throughout history, from barter to commodities to paper and coin currency to credit and debit cards. Now, get ready for the next evolution of money — mobile money.

The proliferation of mobile devices in our society is giving rise to a new way for consumers to pay at the point-of-sale (POS): by simply waving their smartphones near a contactless reader at the POS. Customers’ payment information is stored on their smartphones, and this information is transmitted wirelessly to the POS terminal using a technology called near-field communications, or NFC.

Quickly Taking Off

Mobile payments — or mPayments as they’re often called — are quickly taking off and becoming an accepted way to pay at the POS. The value of global payments made using mobile devices will increase by 40 percent this year to $507 billion[1], and one of every five mobile handsets will have mobile payment functionality by 2018, projects Juniper Research[2].

mPayments take different forms:

• Mobile wallet — The customer’s payment information is stored on the mobile device. Apple PayTM and Google WalletTM are two common examples of mobile wallet.

With Google Wallet, customers need to open and unlock the app with a passcode to complete the transaction at the point of sale. With Apple Pay, customers only have to hold their iPhones with their fingers on the Touch ID. A subtle vibration and beep alerts them that the payment transaction was successful.

Another difference is that Apple Pay does not give Apple access to customers’ purchase information, while Google does have access to customers’ purchases made using Google Wallet. Apple Pay is only enabled on the new iPhone® 6, while Google Wallet is enabled on many AndroidTM phones (Gingerbread v2.3+) and iPhones® (iOS v6.0).

• Digital wallet — The customer’s payment information is stored in the cloud. As a result, a digital wallet is not tied to any specific mobile device.  The PayPalTM digital wallet, MasterPassTM from MasterCard® and Visa CheckoutTM from Visa® are common examples of digital wallets.

Upgrading Your POS Equipment

Enabling your customers to pay using a mobile device is easy. Simply call PNC Merchant Services® customer service at 800-742-5030 and tell us that you would like to upgrade your POS equipment to new equipment that is capable of accepting mobile payments at the point of sale. We will answer your questions and explain how the upgrade process works.

After you complete the equipment upgrade, your business will realize a number of benefits beyond being able to accept mobile payments. For example, the new equipment will utilize a security technique called tokenization that offers a higher level of data security than traditional card swiping. Tokens are comprised of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters that have no relationship to customers’ actual payment information — they only point to the payment data. They are undecipherable, so tokens have no value to hackers if they are stolen


Please call PNC Merchant Services customer service at 800-742-5030 if you have any questions about mobile payments and how to upgrade your POS system so you can accept them.


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