Update on Mobile Point of Sale Systems

Whether you provide outside dining, sell at festivals or trade shows, give in-home parties, or make deliveries, mobile POS technology now makes it easy to accept credit or debit cards from your customers.

Before today’s mobile POS solutions , merchants ran the risk of losing sales because they could only accept cash or checks.

By using a mobile system such as Clover® Go , merchants can accept almost every type of payment – cash, checks, debit or credit cards – by leveraging your existing smartphone.

As a merchant, here’s how a mobile POS system such as Clover Go could save you time and help grow revenue:

  • Goes where your customers are – Customers appreciate convenience and are likely to reward you with repeat business. A mobile point of sale device enables you to accept payments wherever your customers may be and makes it easier for them to buy more, more often.
  • Allows use of new electronic devices – The newest Clover Go version can accept payments from mobile devices including Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, Google Pay™, etc.[1] In addition to swiping or dipping a payment card, you can also place the customer’s mobile device in the proximity of the Clover Go reader to pay for their transaction.
  • Helps you better understand your customers – In addition to recording customer payments, Clover Go gives you the ability to know if someone paid by cash, check, or other mobile device. It then automatically aggregates such payments on your Clover Go dashboard so you can generate a report by device, payment type, amount, etc.  For an additional cost , you may also be able to use Clover Insights to take the information collected to the next level to show your customers’ spending and growth patterns.
  • Links to other devices – your tablet or mobile phone based Clover Go device provides real-time data to your point of sale system.
  • Relieves peak demands -- Because mobile POS devices are attached to your tablet or mobile phone, you could use it for “line busting” to provide additional check-out options for customers at peak times or during overflow situations.
  • Provides added security – Clover Go provides added security because customer credit or debit cards are swiped electronically vs. being key-entered into a fixed device at your place of business. Such transactions are more secure because the transaction is recorded using the actual card vs. just the card number and CVV code .
  • Less chance of fraud – Clover Go provides the PCI compliance features of the fixed devices you already use. In addition, Clover Go safeguards transactions with tokenization and encryption using Clover Security Plus.
  • Potential savings on processing costs – Using a mobile POS device, transactions can be completed in a card-present environment. Such processing typically has a lower cost because the industry charges less for swiped card transactions vs. key entered transactions.

In short, use of a mobile POS system such as Clover Go can help you run your business smarter. By capturing and automating your business information quicker and easier, you could enjoy more time to work in your business, not on it.

Wherever your customer may be, Clover Go can enable you to make credit or debit card sales easy and fast using your mobile phone or tablet. Learn more »

Please contact us at 1-888-235-6959 if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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Important Legal Disclosures & Information

1. Requires devices operating iOS version 8.2 and higher (oldest model supported is the 4S) or Android version 4.4 and higher. Windows Phones do not work at this time. App will not function on a jailbroken or rooted device.

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