Tips for Better Pay-Per-Click Copy

Targeted online advertising has the potential to bring in new business.

Old-fashioned advertising meant sending a message via airwaves or print and hoping people would respond. But today, pay-per-click (PPC) technology offers your law firm [accounting practice] the unprecedented ability to target advertising to the right audiences and accurately measure whether your messages are hitting home.
With PPC, a search engine such as Google displays your message when online searchers enter certain keywords. You pay only when searchers take the next step of clicking to open your message. This approach helps ensure that your ad dollars are targeting customers who may actually be interested in buying. Still, not all PPC ads are created equal. Here are some ways to get the most out of the technology.

Focus your objectives. Before you advertise, have a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve. Beyond simply getting the word out about your firm, what specific competitive advantages do you want to highlight, and what clients do you most hope to attract? Use clear language and provide action steps for these visitors to reach out for more information.

Screen out unlikely buyers. Visitors who click on your site looking for services you don’t provide represent a waste of advertising dollars. You may lessen those incidents by listing “negative keywords” when you place the ad — words that will prevent your ad from popping up for certain searches. These may include, for example, areas of the law [accounting] that you don’t practice.

Tweak until you get it right. Unlike print advertising, which dries when the ink hits the page, online ads can (and should) be revised and updated. Use vibrant language that gets to the heart of what your firm does best. If you’re not getting the hits you expected, try a different approach. One online marketing expert reports advertisers can increase clicks by 8% or more with the change of a few words.[1]

Deliver on the promise. As much as you hope to generate clicks, avoid grandiose headline claims that don’t jibe with the actual services you offer. Keep in mind that the broader goal is to generate actual business, by getting the people who click to your website to ultimately reach out online or by phone for a consultation. Potential clients who feel duped will quickly move on — and likely won’t return.

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