Expand Your Content’s Reach

When potential clients look for information, make sure your firm’s content is easy to find.

At a time when 48 million Americans use ad-blocking software[1] and search engines have refined the art of separating ads from information, customized content can help you cut through the noise, build trust and establish yourself or your firm as an authority in your field. Yet producing quality content — whether blog posts, white papers, articles or videos — takes time and can drain your resources. So it’s vital that you get the most out of each piece. That’s why an essential part of any good content strategy is a strategy for repurposing your content in an effective way.

Start with a Blog

No matter how busy you are, you can probably commit to producing a short post every week or two on a vital ltopic that you think will interest clients. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you build a repository of solid content. Combine the best of those pieces into white papers that can help establish you as a thought leader on a given subject.  

Look Beyond Your Website

While your website naturally serves as the hub for all of your content, don’t count on prospective clients to wander in looking for advice. Share your pieces in various formats on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other channels to draw in more visitors each day. Whenever you share a piece, include a call to action, driving readers or viewers back to your site and letting them know how to reach you for more information.

Use the Same Ideas in New Formats

Branching out from the written word can help you reach new audiences. Experiment with videos, webcasts, podcasts or infographics — hiring staff or enlisting the aid of freelance experts as needed. Instead of generating a brand new idea for each one, use the best information from your blog posts or white papers as the starting point.

Measure and Prioritize

Though you likely have personal favorites among the content you’ve produced, this is no time for sentimentality. A free tracking tool, such as Google Analytics, can tell you which pieces of content are generating the most attention and leading to inquiries. Naturally, you’ll want to repurpose these pieces, and then use the results to help guide your plan for new content.

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