Convenience Is King

Consider ‘push-button’ service and sales options.

When Amazon introduced Dash Button in late March 2015, some people thought it was an April Fools’ joke.[1] Who was going to spend $4.99 for a button just to reorder laundry detergent? No one’s laughing now. More than 100 products have their own Dash Buttons, and consumer product companies are standing in line to get their brands on Amazon’s dashboard. Customers want convenience, and to achieve it they’re using grocery delivery services, on-demand food delivery apps and subscription services of all flavors. Convenience will play an even bigger role across retail segments in 2017, with the rise of what one expert calls “‘push-button’ products and services.”[2] Capitalize on the pressing trend with these tactics.

Sell Subscriptions

From fine wines to specialty coffee to haute couture, subscription services are one of the fastest-growing sectors in retail. In fact, Forrester research reports that 38% of younger online adults (ages 18-35) say they are interested in signing up for a themed box service.[3] Would your customers pay a monthly fee for a sneak peek at new products? How about a dessert-of-the-month club for a bakery? Once customers get hooked on your confections, you could become their go-to bakery between deliveries, too.

Get Social

Savvy retailers use social media to connect with customers, but now they’re leveraging those relationships through social commerce. Customers can make purchases using Facebook Messenger, the “Buy Now” button on Twitter or shopable ads on Snapchat. Pizza companies are quickly transitioning their delivery and takeout customers to mobile ordering, launching their own apps to speed up the process. But smaller restaurants and retailers also can leverage existing platforms to take orders. It could be well worth the effort: 10% of internet users say a buy button on a social media platform would make them more likely to purchase a product.[4]

Automate It

Take a tip from Amazon and make stocking up on essentials easier and cheaper for your customers. Offer a discount on frequently purchased items when customers sign up for regular delivery of a predetermined amount. Establishing that routine purchase will help deepen customer loyalty, ensuring they will come to you when they need to make bigger purchases, too.

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