Driving Website Redesign with Analytics

Remember: Form follows function.

Website design is as much a science as an art. Yes, graphic choices and color palettes are important, but your site is, first and foremost, a mission-critical tool for engaging customers and driving growth. Therefore, when it’s time for a redesign, focus as much on the analytics as the aesthetics.

Conduct a Content Audit

From your website’s home page to your business’s blog, to monthly emails or even texts that announce sales, the content you create is the connective tissue between you and your audience. It tells viewers who you are, what you do and why they should do business with you. So before launching a site redesign, conduct a content audit. Start by clearly defining the audience you want to reach and the specific actions you want them to take. Then go through every page to ensure that your existing content is working toward those goals. Throw out what doesn’t work and build on what does.

Understand How Visitors Use Your Site

Research how users are interacting with your current site. Heat mapping tools, such as Crazy Egg™and Mouseflow, track every movement of every visitor. You can see how they navigate, where they click and when they scroll through the pages. You can see how they interact with forms, such as checkout pages, and identify specific points where people click away from the site. This insight will let you know how easy your site is to navigate, help identify any dead ends and tell you where you might be losing your audience.

Make Social Connections
If you haven’t updated your site in a few years, you’re probably not taking advantage of the explosion in social media. This is the time to integrate your social media platform with your website, making it seamless for users to connect with you from any platform. Install plugins for the major social media sites, such as Facebook, and add “share” and “like” buttons to all your pages. Enable visitors to use their social media site logins for your website so they can skip the registration process. Integrating your online platforms opens the door to increased traffic to your site and creates new opportunities to target your core audience with specialized content and promotions. You can even make your site compatible with online aggregators — such as Grubhub.com, which offers online ordering capability — that can direct people to your business.

With these steps, your website redesign will have a data-driven strategy to bolster your desire for a more effective site.

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