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Home Insight® Planner

Home Insight Planner helps your clients learn how much home they can afford based on their actual budget and spending habits. This saves you time and allows you to schedule more efficient showings, so you can focus on growing your business.

With Planner your clients:

  • Get greater insight into their finances so they can find a home based on their unique budget and lifestyle.
  • Explore an all-in-one online experience connecting budgets, rates and products resulting in a customized home affordability summary.
  • Search homes for sale in their desired area (they can even share their favorites with you).

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Digital Mortgage Pre-Approval

Your clients can start the pre-approval process from any computer or mobile device by providing details about their assets, income, current living situation and how much they plan to put down on a new home. 

A Digital Pre-Approval from PNC:

  • Allows your clients to shop for homes with confidence, knowing exactly how much they are qualified to borrow.
  • Lets you, and sellers, know your clients are serious buyers.
  • Connects your clients to a PNC Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO), who will follow up with them to discuss the home financing process.

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Home Insight® Tracker

Home Insight Tracker lets your clients see the current status of their application, plus loan details such as rate, closing date, term, rate-lock expiration date and more. Your clients can also send and receive messages with their PNC Mortgage Loan Officer because we know there’s no replacement for personal communication.

With Tracker your clients:

  • Can view their mortgage application status and loan details including rate, term and more.
  • Upload documents required to complete their application.
  • Receive real-time emails when their application reaches key milestones.

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Additional Resources

PNC Real Estate Newsfeed

Your clients look to you for knowledge. PNC Real Estate Newsfeed provides it. You can easily share the curated and current articles with your clients to keep them informed, prepare them for their home search or provide additional details and insights about your guidance.

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Webinars and Events

Get access to industry leaders and expert advice, all year long. Watch our monthly webinars live, or replay them at your convenience, to learn about industry trends that can help you grow your business.

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