PNC Agent Alliance: Here to Help Real Estate Agents Succeed

PNC Bank is with you every day to help bring the dream of homeownership to your clients. This resource will cover the various tools available within PNC Agent Alliance, the changing real estate landscape and how connecting with a PNC Mortgage Loan Officer helps you, the agent, support your clients on their home-buying journey.

Welcome to PNC Agent Alliance

On this page we'll go over the details of PNC Agent Alliance and how you can help your clients shop for homes with confidence with their digital pre-approval from PNC. 

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More Than a Lender

With PNC, you get more than a typical bank. You get an ally who’s with you every day and is passionate about helping your clients achieve their dreams of homeownership.

Helping You Succeed

PNC Agent Alliance was created to provide you with tools and resources to help you keep up to date with trending information and technologies. You get access to the latest lending solutions for your clients, so you can help them feel confident about the kind of home they can afford. You also get articles and technology trends that are engaging and easy to share, so you and your clients can stay current.

Our Mortgage Loan Officers

Part of PNC Agent Alliance’s goal is to connect you with a PNC Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO), so you can have an ally who will be with you every step of the way. Our Mortgage Loan Officers are available when you need them and offer knowledge, operational excellence and insights about their local markets. Together, we can turn your homebuyer into a homeowner.

The Value of PNC Agent Alliance

As an agent, you’re a central part of the home-buying process. You guide your clients on their journey toward achieving their dream of homeownership. And because we care about you and your clients, we provide tools, tips and resources to support you every step of the way.

From Professionals to Professionals

Your clients look to you for knowledge. That’s why we’ve created PNC Agent Alliance to be your single destination for reliably-sourced real estate news from across the country. In addition to using our Mortgage Loan Officers as local market professionals, you can stay current with our Real Estate Newsfeed, which has information specific to agents as well as buyers and sellers.

Our Tools

Use our tools and resources to stay informed and to help guide your clients through the home-buying journey.

Tools to Help Your Clients Succeed

At PNC, we help you guide your clients through their entire home-buying journey.

  • Whether your clients are just beginning to think about buying a home or you’ve already helped them find the perfect property, they can access PNC Home Insight® to enhance their experience.
  • Our digital pre-approval helps your clients understand the loan amount they qualify for, allowing them to shop for homes with confidence.
  • Our educational and digital resources provide your clients with quick answers to questions for all they need to know about the home buying and the mortgage process.

Tools to Help Agents Succeed

With PNC Agent Alliance, you get tools and resources to help you stay ahead of the curve and have better communication with your clients.

  • Watch our monthly webinars live, or replay them at your convenience, to learn about realtor-specific internet marketing trends that can help you grow your business.
  • Home Insight Planner and Tracker save your clients time, keep them informed and help manage their expectations.
  • PNC Real Estate Newsfeed is full of curated and current articles that you can share with your clients to keep them up to date, prepare them for their home search or provide additional details and insights about your guidance.

Stay Current in a Changing Real Estate Landscape

While there’s no doubt technology is changing the real estate landscape, at PNC we know there’s no replacement for the understanding you get when you work with a local market professional. That’s why we offer digital tools and resources to complement the personal relationship you’ll have with our Mortgage Loan Officers.


The Technology-Driven Future of Real Estate

Technology can help bring you, the agent, more educated, serious and prepared buyers, but we know nothing can replace your role in leading the emotional and exciting process of buying a home. It’s the combination of that personal touch with innovative technologies that can help you be a leader and an authority in your market.

As much as technology is important for you, it's also important for your clients. A digital pre-approval from PNC is a great first step in your client's home buying journey. Some of the benefits include:

  • Know what loan amount they qualify for.
  • It shows sellers that they're a serious buyer.
  • They can start the pre-approval process online from almost anywhere.

Develop Relationships with Our Mortgage Loan Officers

Our Mortgage Loan Officers are local market professionals who are committed to supporting and guiding you and your clients through the entire home-buying journey. We are uniquely positioned to provide the community focus of a local bank, backed by the lending power of a larger institution.


Mortgage Loan Officers You Can Trust

We understand that all great relationships are grounded in trust. When you develop a relationship with one of our Mortgage Loan Officers, you get a flexible ally who gives you peace of mind by communicating early and often, and who will go the extra mile for your client. They’re available and accessible when you need them, knowing that sometimes the home-buying process doesn’t happen during normal work hours — all so you can help your client go from homebuyer to homeowner.

Our Mortgage Loan Officers are with you every step of the way because they know a mortgage is as much a financial relationship as it is a financial transaction. They’re entrenched in the community and can provide local knowledge and guidance to help close the mortgage. They are as emotionally invested as you are in helping your clients achieve their dreams of homeownership. 

Tools to Benefit You and Your Clients

Our tools ground your clients’ home search in their financial reality, prepare them for the journey, and help clarify the home-buying process every step of the way.


How Home Insight Planner Can Benefit Agents

Home Insight Planner helps you ground your clients in reality, so they know how much home they can afford from the very beginning. Unlike other home-affordability tools, Home Insight Planner is based on your clients’ unique budget and spending habits, instead of generic formulas. This reduces the need for you to go over prerequisites and allows you to schedule more efficient showings, so you can focus on growing your business. 

How a PNC Pre-Approval Can Benefit Agents

Your clients can start the pre-approval process from a computer or mobile device by providing details about their assets, income, current living situation and how much they plan to put down on a new home. Once approved, your clients will be able to save and print their pre-approval letter to share with you. This shows you that you're working with a serious buyer that has a firm lending commitment. It also lets you know how much of a mortgage they're approved for which allows you to narrow your search to homes in their price range.

How Home Insight Tracker Can Benefit Agents

We know the mortgage process can be an emotional roller coaster for your clients, but Home Insight Tracker can help you offer your clients more clarity throughout the process.  Tracker lets customers know what they need every step of the way. It allows your clients to see the current status of their application, plus loan details such as rate, closing date, term, rate-lock expiration date and more. Your clients can also send and receive messages with their PNC Mortgage Loan Officer because we know there’s no replacement for personal communication. 

Equal Housing Lender

Borrower must satisfy pre-approval conditions outlined in commitment letter. Final loan approval and amount are subject to verification of loan data, property appraisal and underwriting conditions.

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