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Merchant Education Series

Check here periodically for the latest in our Merchant Educational Series of payment processing articles addressing trending topics and new developments for card payment acceptance

Contactless Payment Solutions
mPayments potentially eliminate the need for customers to carry multiple credit and debit cards in their wallets.
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Should You Process Merchant Card Payments "In the Cloud"?
Evaluate the benefits of Cloud-based merchant card processing.
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Electronic Loyalty Cards
There's an explosion in the popularity of e-coupons and daily deals among American consumers.
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Why It's Important to Stay Current With the Latest POS Processing Equipment
Turning incoming customer payments into receivables faster.
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What is EMV?
Have you heard about EMV, but aren't sure exactly what it's all about or how it will impact you?
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The Rise of eCommerce
What this means to customers and merchants today.
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M-Commerce: The Promise and Potential of Mobile Payments
Increasingly, retailers use mobile technology to bring checkout to their customers.
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Glossary of Terms

ACH: Automated Clearing House. A regional organization used by member banks to electronically transfer funds between members.

AMEX: Abbreviation for American Express, an organization that issues travel and entertainment cards and acquires transactions.

Account Number: A unique sequence of numbers assigned to a cardholder account that identifies the issuer and type of financial transaction card.

Acquirer: A licensed member of MasterCard and/or VISA (or its agent) which maintains merchant relationships, receives all bankcard transactions from the merchant, and initiates that data into an interchange system.

Acquiring Bank/Merchant Bank: The bank that does business with merchants enabling them to accept credit cards. A merchant has an account with this bank and each day deposits the value of the day's credit card sales. Acquirers buy (acquire) the merchant's sales slips and credit the tickets' value to the merchant's account.

Adjustments: Used to process disputes or discrepancies with other financial institutions.

Authorization: The act of ensuring the cardholder has adequate funds available against his or her line of credit. A positive authorization results in an authorization code being generated, and those funds being set aside. The cardholder's available credit limit is reduced by the authorized amount.

Average Ticket: The average size of a merchant bankcard transaction. Generally used in pricing decisions and calculations.

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