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Clover – an all-in-one payments system – is cloud-based, includes integrated software and optional add-on apps[1] that work with your PNC Merchant Services® [2] account.

How Clover Makes it Easier to Accept Payments

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When you open a new PNC Merchant Services account and purchase or lease a Clover Flex, Mobile, Mini or Station OR establish a PayeezySM Gateway, You Could Earn $300![3]

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  • Open a new Merchant Services account by 6/30/18
  • Purchase or lease a Clover Flex, Mobile, Mini or Station OR establish a Payeezy Gateway for your online transactions by 6/30/18
  • Process $500 or greater in sales transactions with the Clover device or Payeezy Gateway within the first 3 billing cycles.
  • Your $300 reward will appear as a credit on your merchant statement within 90 days of the date of meeting account opening and activation requirements.

Limit one reward per business relationship, regardless of number of business locations.

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Clover - the next generation of business management systems

If you’ve been thinking about leaving traditional terminals behind, now is the time. Clover Flex, Mobile, Mini, and Station all accept the widest variety of payments in the industry, giving your customers more ways to do business with you — from debit to credit, gift cards to contactless payments.

Clover Flex

At the counter or on the go, the small and powerful Clover® Flex delivers ultimate wireless convenience for your payment and point-of-sale needs.

Now you can take orders, confirm inventory and accept payments, even print a receipt, from anywhere in your business — all without extra trips to process a card or check a storeroom.

Like all of PNC Merchant Services Clover solutions, Clover Flex includes remote reporting, basic employee management and customer engagement extras like promotions, rewards and feedback capability. All pre-installed and ready to go — so you can get right to doing business better, right away.

Key features:

  • Built-in receipt printer
  • EMV® Chip Card reader
  • Camera and Built-in barcode scanner
  • Wi-Fi / 3G mobile connectivity options
  • e-Signature capture
  • Fully integrated with all Clover devices

Call us at 1-888-562-2300 to apply for Clover Flex.


Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile can go with you wherever you are doing business, giving you and your customers more choices, more time, and more freedom.

Clover Mobile is a comprehensive business management solution that gives you access to a wide range of apps[1] in the Clover App Market to meet the needs of your business.

Plus, restaurants can pair Clover Mobile with Clover Station to make it easy for customers to pay at the table, or use Clover Mobile as a line-buster during peak periods to keep orders moving.

Key features:

  • Built-in barcode scanner
  • EMV® Chip Card reader
  • Wi-Fi / 3G mobile connectivity options
  • Integrates into existing Clover Station
  • Optional hardware available, such as Bluetooth® receipt printer and docking station


Call us at 1-888-562-2300 to apply for Clover Mobile.


Clover Mini

Plug, play and reap the benefits right out of the box. Clover Mini was designed with your convenience in mind and combines sleek, advanced technology, security, and flexibility.

An intuitive touch-screen interface and the choice of Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity make transactions easy. The Clover Mini is much more than a terminal.

Flexibility to grow with your business
You have access[1] to the Clover App Market and can tailor your Clover Mini to meet your specific business needs. And with new apps available every week, you can more easily conquer your latest business challenges.

Key features:

  • Use as a stand-alone unit, or integrate it into an existing Clover Station
  • Integrated receipt printer
  • EMV® Chip Card reader
  • Bar code and QR code reader (using front-facing camera)



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Clover Station

Helping you see inside your operations & work smarter

Clover Station is a next-generation point-of-sale (POS) system that can help simplify your business. Its cloud-based software enables you to manage inventory, track revenues and generate reports.

Key Features:

  • Seamlessly link your Clover Station to Clover Mobile and/or Mini via the cloud.
  • Customize your Clover with more than 180 available apps[1] designed to help you run your business more effectively via the Clover App Market.
  • Easy to set up right out of the box.
  • Conduct regular transactions and accept all kinds of payments. 
  • Safeguard your customer's data with the latest in security technology including data tokenization and encryption.
  • Track inventory or employee timecards.
  • Wi-Fi /IP mobile connectivity options.
  • Built-in barcode scanner.

See How it Works

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Did you know? Use the Clover App Market to select from the over 180 custom apps[1] developed for Clover Family devices to maximize what your system can do for your business. Learn More »

Clover Online

Design your own Web site and accept payments – all in one place. You don’t even need a Clover device.

Become your own web site developer with Clover easy to use online tutorials, a resource library and live support. In just a few minutes, you can be on your way!

  • Choose your template and publish your store — with your very own URL
  • Add online payments, including charges for shipping and taxes with confidence
  • Integrate with popular social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) if you want

More and more, your customers begin their shopping journey on their phones, tablets and computers. When you’re there to meet them, your business can thrive. Clover Online helps make it fast and simple to create a robust showroom on the web that can open a whole new revenue stream and may help drive more business to your brick-and-mortar store.

Key features:

  • Professionally Designed Templates
  • Mobile Ready
  • Online Security
  • Exceptional Customer Support

Learn more at 1-866-490-6296

Already own a Clover device? Design your web site and accept payments with the Clover Online Store app.[1]

The data speaks for itself

    Having both a brick-and-mortar and online store can cause customers to:
  • Spend 13% more in-store, after conducting prior research on the merchant’s or another retailer’s website.
  • Spend 4% more during each in-store visit.
  • Log 23% more repeat in-store shopping trips and recommend the merchant to friends and family[4] .

Choose Clover Apps to Customize Your Clover Experience  

Enhance Your Business with the Tap of a Button - Use the Clover App Market[1]

The ability to personalize your Clover device with apps that fit your business operation is what really sets this system apart. You can expand and personalize your system's capabilities by adding the apps[1] from the Clover App Market that do the most for your particular payment processing and sales tracking requirements.

Apps are easy to install right on the home screen of your device. And if you happen to have more than one Clover device, apps[1] installed on one device can sync across all of your devices in real time.

Customize Your Experience - Add Apps to Enhance Productivity

Clover comes loaded with a core set of apps to get you started:

  • Register
  • Card Transactions
  • Reporting

Then use the Clover App Market to select from over 185 custom apps[1], covering categories like System Management, Customer Engagement, Loyalty Programs, Inventory Managment, eCommerce and more, to meet your unique business's needs.

In the Clover App Market, apps can be filtered by Business type: Restaurant, Retail, or Service, to make it easier to find the apps best suited for your business needs.

Explore the Clover App Market

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Clover makes my day less stressful because I'm able to understand how our business is doing every day."




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Important Legal Disclosures & Information

  1. All Apps are provided by third parties including First Data Corporation and fees may apply. PNC Merchant Services Company is not responsible for third party apps. Clover Online Store is a third party app from First Data. Clover Online Store is not provided by PNC Merchant Services or PNC Bank, N.A. In addition, for Clover Mobile and Clover Mini, Clover Register plan is required in order to access many of the apps. There are additional monthly fees for this software.

  2. Merchant Services provided by PNC Merchant Services Company and are subject to credit approval. PNC Merchant Services is a registered trademark of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. Early termination fee may apply.

  3. Offer requires the opening of a new PNC Merchant Services account and purchase or lease of a Clover Station, Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile or establish a Payeezy Gateway by June 30, 2018. Customers must establish a new PNC Merchant Services account with an initial term of three years or longer. An early termination fee will not be applied if you need to close this account prior to the end of the agreement. If you have leased equipment, this is a separate agreement and is non-cancellable. Leases provided by First Data Global Leasing. Please refer to your lease agreement for details. Purchased equipment is non-returnable. A separate agreement for TeleCheck Services may also have been signed. Please refer to your TeleCheck Services agreement for termination policy. Equipment leases are not cancellable and have up to a four-year term. Equipment leases and purchases have different costs and benefits. For more information, contact your local PNC Merchant Services representative. Clover® Go is not eligible for this offer. Activation, by processing $500 or greater in sales transactions with the Clover Station, Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile or Payeezy Gateway, is required within the first three billing cycles. The $300 cash reward will be credited to your PNC Merchant Services account within 90 days of the date of meeting account opening and activation requirements. Any credit, if earned, will be forfeited if the PNC Merchant Services account is closed before the credit is awarded. Value of cash reward may be reported to the IRS, as required by law. Non Resident Aliens are not eligible. Offers may be extended, modified or discontinued at any time without notice and may vary by market.

  4. Sopadjieva, Emma, Utpal M. Dholakia, and Beth Benjamin. "A Study of 46,000 Shoppers Shows That Omnichannel Retailing Works." Harvard Business Review. Harvard University, 03 Jan. 2017.

The Clover® name and logo are owned by Clover Network, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of First Data Corporation, and are registered or used in the U.S. and many foreign countries.

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