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Are you missing out on sales by not accepting card payments?

Cash used to be king, but in the world of consumer payments, plastic now wears the crown. According to a First Data™ study, 62% of consumers say they prefer to pay with a signature debit, PIN debit or credit card, while only 32 percent prefer cash[1].

Boost Your Business

By accepting credit and debit card payments, you enable customers who prefer to pay with plastic to make purchases from you, thus increasing your traffic, volume and revenue.

Another benefit of utilizing merchant services is the ability to take advantage of gift card programs. Old-fashioned paper-based gift certificates require a ledger or crossing out values on the certificate to pencil in new balances--gift cards are much easier and more efficient to manage.

Offering gift cards is also a great way to enhance your brand and market your business.

Growing Customer Expectations

In some industries today--like retail stores and restaurants, for example--customers expect to be able to pay using credit and debit cards. While this same expectation doesn't exist in every industry, it is spreading.

Contractors, HVAC businesses, plumbers, PC repair operations, not-for-profit organizations--these are just a few examples of industries where there is a growing expectation among consumers that they be able to pay with plastic. If you operate in one of these industries, you may be losing sales if you aren't utilizing merchant services.

In some industries today – like retail stores and restaurants, for example – customers expect to be able to pay using credit and debit cards. While this same expectation doesn't exist in every industry, it is spreading.

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