Mobile Payment Acceptance

Payments on the Go

PNC Merchant Services® offers mobile payment solutions designed for businesses servicing, or selling, outside of a traditional office or retail environment.

With a wireless terminal, you enjoy a lightweight, handheld solution for fast, secure and error-free transactions -- wherever business takes you.

Or, plug in an encrypting card-reading device and transform your smartphone or tablet into a mobile card processing terminal, leveraging technology that you already own.

Key Benefits

Mobile payment acceptance solutions provide a number of key benefits for your on-the-go business:

  • Virtual transactions, virtually anywhere -- Process transactions virtually anywhere, anytime. You can accept payments wherever you have wireless coverage from your cellular provider.
  • Customer-friendly features -- Customer receipts are automatically emailed for purchase confirmation, mirroring online purchase confirmations.
  • Convenient reporting -- At the end of the day, you can manage your account using standardized reports right from your smartphone or from any PC with an Internet connection.

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PNC Merchant Services can help your business start card payments. Whether your business has basic card processing needs or you require a more customized solution, we have options.

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