Payment Processing Solutions for Retail and Restaurants

Maximizing Sales Opportunities for Retailers and Restaurants

For owners of retail and restaurant businesses, the question usually isn't whether or not you will accept credit and debit cards, EBT and gift cards, and loyalty cards. Most owners of these types of businesses realize that, in order to maximize their sales opportunities, they need to be equipped to accept all of these types of customer payment options, in addition to checks and cash.

Rather, the question is: Who will you work with in the processing and management of these types of payments? There are many providers of merchant services out in the marketplace, but they're not all the same.

PNC Merchant Services® offers a wide range of solutions designed specifically to help retailers and restaurants manage customer payments more efficiently and improve cash flow. Our streamlined solutions, for instance, can help to simplify the payment process by replacing your cash register with an all-in-one solution at the point-of-sale. Other solutions allow you to process payments online or from a wireless device from just about anywhere. Plus, our PCI-compliant solutions help to maintain data security and improve loss prevention.

We have incorporated research and data into the design of our industry-specific solutions, which are customized to address the specific needs of your restaurant or retail establishment. For example, the timeclock feature tracks employee time and server tips and calculates wages to help with payroll. And messaging capabilities help keep all your retail or restaurant employees informed.

Payment Acceptance Solutions Designed for Retailers and Restaurants

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